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barnes triple shok (federal premium) any experience?

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I am thinking of trying these in my .270 this year. I used the standard federal blue box rounds last year. I shot my deer at about 60-70 yards last year. The bullet never exited and there was no blood trail. Good thing he didn't go too far, otherwise I wouldn't have recovered him.

I have heard good things about the barnes triple shok. Anyone here have experience shooting deer with them?

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i personally have nvr used them on game in a centerrifle, but have in slugs and ML and im a big fan of the barnes triple shok.

the bullet not exiting the animal isnt necessarily a bad thing either. that also means it transferred all its energy into the animal

were u able to recover the bullet, how did it expand and how was the tissue damage?

if my memory is wrkin, i beleive the ones ur using are the reg softpoints, which arent bad rounds by any means but the Triple shoks are definitely a better round. its also a boat tail design which will improve accuracy as well

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I shoot at 270 WSM. Very similar to the 270 Winchester. I switched to Barnes TSX last fall, and will never go back to lead bullets. I don't think you will be disappointed at all if you switch. I had the same problems as you. Bullets exploding at high velocities, and either not exiting or mangling the animal creating some nasty field dressing, and a lot of trimming while butchering. So, after some research, decided to switch to Barnes and started working up some handloads. My dad, who shoots the same caliber as I, also decided to switch.

I saw 3 animals shot by the Barnes last fall. The first was a moose at 300 yards that I got. I shot twice and hit it both times through the lungs. First shot was broadside and the bullet came to rest against the far hide. Weighed 140 grains to start out with, weighed 139.8 grains recovered. Second shot was quartering away, through both lungs, and was a pass through. Moose made it about 50 yards. The second animal was a 240 pound whitetail. I hit it right behind the shoulder. Pencil sized entry, golfball sized exit. The deer dropped on the spot. Didn't take so much as another step. This was at about 60 yards. I missed the heart by about an inch, but it was turned into jello from the shock. The last was a doe my dad shot at about 80 yards. Again, pencil sized entry, golball sized exit. Deer went about 20 yards. Good blood trail on the doe, no blood trail on the buck (because it never moved).

I'm completely sold on them. They are just what the doctor ordered for high velocity calibers like the 270's. I'm working with some handloads now for the 130 grain ttsx. I'm getting velocities over 3,400 fps. Can't wait to see what they do on a deer. I'm thinking there won't be much tracking to do!

Give them a shot! I really think you will be happy with their performance. I think you will see less wasted meat from bullets exploding, and have the peace of mind of knowing you won't be eating any lead with your deer steaks!

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Thanks nowiser for the hands on report. I actually purchased a box and am going to see how much adjusting I need to do on my scope. I was out last week and shot the federal blue and red boxes. Both were 130 grain and shot the same.

I have heard they may sight in a bit higher than the blue boxes. Hopefully I won't need to shoot too many of them. Kind of spendy!

Lastly, I am going to change my shot placement. I have always shot for the heart lung area. I am thinking of taking shoulder shots now.

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Great rpt NW. that is pretty fast speeds. i bet they are traveling even flatter then most 270 loads. if i remember correctly the WSM can handle higher pressure then a reg 270, but taming them dwn a tad probably wont hurt either, n saves a lil powder.


IMO, say maybe see how the barnes perform before changin shot placement. i agree a shoulder shot does often take em dwn quicker, but a good round placed in the boil room will have the same affect and saves a lil meat as well.

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