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Youtube no longer part of iPhone standard apps


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11:01 a.m. | Updated with information about why Apple is removing the YouTube app as a default on the iPhone.

The new iPhone will have a noticeable absence: the little TV screen logo that marks the YouTube app. But YouTube viewers need not despair. On Tuesday, YouTube’s own iPhone app hit the App Store.

Though YouTube lost its prominent place on the iPhone’s home screen, it gained something arguably more important: the ability to show mobile ads. It could not do that before because Apple built and controlled the earlier YouTube app.

But there is a downside for YouTube. Now it has to convince iPhone users to take an extra step to download the app, since it will no longer automatically show up on iPhones. YouTube plans to do that with a mobile and online marketing campaign.

Here’s the corporate back story. YouTube is owned by Google, which makes the Android mobile operating system that competes with Apple’s. Apple has plans to replace Google Maps as the service for the maps application in the next version of its iOS software, substituting a combination of technologies it owns and licenses from other companies. But Apple and Google do not compete in video. Instead, people briefed on the YouTube decision say, it made more sense for Google to manage the YouTube app.

People watch YouTube videos on cellphones a billion times a day, and mobile views make up a quarter of total YouTube views. The challenge will be for YouTube to maintain these numbers without a native iPhone app.

The new app has more videos and features than the Apple version. Since that one was introduced in 2007, it has hardly been updated. YouTube has been adding features to its Android app and mobile Web site — including channels, and the ability to browse other videos while watching one — that it will now include in the iPhone app.

For example, the new app will have tens of thousands more videos than it did before. That’s a small number in YouTube’s universe, but these include some of the most in-demand videos, like Lady Gaga’s official videos. Those haven’t been visible before, because the video makers chose to make money by showing ads.

The new app will also have more sophisticated search and features like swiping to view the channel guide. And it will have new ways to share videos, including on Facebook and Google Plus and via text message.

The app is for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It works on iPads, but is not formatted for the bigger screen. YouTube is working on a new iPad app.

“It’s a new app built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone users the best mobile experience,” Andrey Doronichev, head of YouTube mobile,

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People will download the YouTube app in a heartbeat. If Apple thinks they are so smart, lets see them block a YouTube app. wink The phone would be a Flop I bet.

I don't see blocking a youtube app happening, but apple blocks so much tweaking it's ridiculous. Hacking those things is pretty much a requirement for ownership.

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Don`t need another phone, but sure do like what they have done with the new 5th gen Ipod Touch. Its basically an Iphone 5 without the phone part. Just what I wanted and already placed my pre-order for the 64gb 5th gen.

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. Apple has plans to replace Google Maps as the service for the maps application in the next version of its iOS software, substituting a combination of technologies it owns and licenses from other companies.

They'll use anyone elses code any day.. bet it includes a good chunk of Gmaps code.. But don't you even think about trying to use anything that Apple "created".. they'll sue you! You'll see in a year or two.. Apple will be suing Google over their navigation app

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I always found it odd that YouTube was a factory installed app. I believe the only one which is not directly driven from the core iOS apps. Plus the YouTube app itself is the last App I use when it comes to YouTube and the iPhone. There are many other more advanced apps for YouTube which suit my liking and the YouTube app the last I used it just was a basic YouTube app and I believe this would be part of the reason why it is being dropped.

The term "code" is certainly relevant to the discussion but when it comes to "code" or coding and an iPhone application, no matter what you are subject to Apple's iOS coding to even allow for a review to be able to submit to the Apple store for a preliminary review. Also for each Apple victory, Apple creates twice as many sources that are watching them and although they have been caught themselves, rarely is Apple willing to just steal anything they do create or do not own. The money does not mean anything and the win or being proven right means more.

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Yippe, good riddance to the YouTube app. I would have deleted it if I could have. Hated haveing to switch apps all the time because the app would open to view the video on some links. Those links still work in iOS6 and it now loads faster.

It's unbleavable how much faster iOS6 is on my iTouch. I was thinking of upgrading but not anymore. I guess the google apps were holding things back.

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