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Something changed--HELP.

harvey lee

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I went out the other day to shoot my bow and check it all out. The bow is a Mathews DXT.

Bow shot very well but the issue I had is my anchor point is farther back by say an inch on the side of my face.

I had a new string and cable put on last summer and all was well last fall. Now it is wierd that I have to change my anchor point and almost tilt the bow for the peep and sight to line up.

It's like I had changed my atrrow length but thats not the case and when I draw the bow back, seems like the peep and the sight do not line up and I have to tweek my bow sideways a tad bit. Then like I stated, it shoots great but does not feel right at all.

When I have it all where it should be, it is shooting great but it does not seem correct at all.

Anyone have any thoughts on what changed?

Same release, bow, arrows and no my arm length has not changed that I know of.. Something had to change.

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Check the string and cable carefully. Look for anything out of round under serving etc. Focusing on possible string failure here.

Anybody have access to your bow but you? Kids? Accidental dry fire?

Are you using the same release? Same holes for the wrist strap and release rod length?

Are you leaning your head into the bow too far? Is your peep tied in securely? Maybe slipping down the string closer to nocking point?

String loop excessively long?

Just throwing out ideas here as I think of them.

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Not to scare you...but, that happened to me a few years back...was practicing from a tree stand and really struggled to find my anchor point...I took about 5 shots...hit where I was aiming everytime but I struggled on every shot for my anchor and peep sight...On the next shot...it blew-up!! Top limb busted on release....not literely right in half, but it was bent at 90 degrees after the shot!! Luckily, I was able to get some warranty on a new set of limbs but I had to build new cables for it, and as long as I had it apart, I replaced all the bushings in the wheels too! But like Gus said...start with very intricate inspection of the string, cams, limbs, etc....good luck!

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Out of what was mentioned, I would guess the peep moved.

Are far as a bad limb, anything is possible.

Last summer I had a good pro shop go through the bow and replace the string and cable and also the bushings. I had a bad cam and that is why it went in to the shop. That's when they replaced the cam, all bushings in the bow and like I said, the string and cable with a new peep.

I believe I will run the bow to the archery shop and give it to them to check it out. They will find what is wrong more than likely alot faster than I.

I did remember just now that I did back the screws out for the limbs late last fall to drop my poundage and I can in no way see how that could change it but maybe. I am going screw the bolts in a round or a tad more and then shoot it again just incase that was causing it. I doubt it but worth a shot as something changed and that is one thing I did change in the cold temps late last fall.

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Called the archery shop and explained to him. He said the string would not have stretched enough to be causing this in 1 year Asked if the peep was firmly on the string and I said the serving was good and I tried to move the peep but I could not.

Baffled, he said bring it in and shoot it and we will see what the heck is wrong. So, hopefully the end of this week I can get to the shop.

Everything is tight, looks like new and who knows.

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Call me dumb or dumber.

I took the bow out to the archery range as I figured it must be me or something I was doing.

Well, I figured it out. Last year I purchased a new release and used it all last fall. This new release is positioned a bit different on the wrist than my old one I had for years. I changed it on my wrist so the release was between my thunb abd first finger and it shot perfect. Last 2 times out, I was putting the release strap on my wrist so the release was on the left side of my thumb instead of the right side where I typically have it. I guess that is why i had to move my hand to get the peep and sight pin lined up as it was to the left to far or farther thn normal.

Back to feeling alot more comfortable with my shot and when I pull the string back, everything lines up like it is suppose too.

Won't make that mistake again. DA.

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