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lookin for a new shotgun, Any suggestions?

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Im thinkin about getting a new shotgun and just want to get some input on what i should look at. I know its going to be a 12 ga, and i also know i want an auto. Im going to be mainly using it for waterfowling. Ive had a couple of beretta AL-391s and had no problems with them. My buddy is telling me to go for a Benelli M-1. Ive also been told the Beretta Extreema is a good one. Other ones ive thought about are the Remington 11-87, Remington Versa-max. Any other suggestions? Im also lookin at a tight budget. Thanks!

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If you can afford it go with the Benelli

but I would not hesitate to look at the Browning gold hunter either ao the Winchester X3.

I shoot a Browning and love it, I have always been a fan of the remingtons until I went ot buy one and no one had them in stock so I shouldered many guns and the browning went up and the wallet came out. It was a perfect fit.

fit test a bunch of different guns before you decide.

A gun only shoots as good as the shooter and the gun must fit the shooter in order to shoot good.

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The Extrema II is a hard gun to beat IMHO. It isn't that heavy, mine cycles everything from trap loads to 3.5 inch Turkey and predator loads and never misses a beat. It also has a lot of stock shims to adjust the fit to your preference.

That being said it generally isn't friendly to a tight budget. However, you also might want to check into the CZ 712. I just ordered one for my son this weekend and for the price of under 500 dollars for the ALS synthetic version and less for the wood, I think it is a very nice gun.

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I have shot the Versa Max, it sure feels good in your hands. If money was no object, the Benelli would be my first choice, then the Versa Max. I recommend going to a gun store where they will let you shoot the guns before you buy them. Buy the one that feels right.

On that, I own a couple 1187's, and I have had no issues with them at all, but I cant afford the top tier guns.

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My first gun was an 870- It's hard to knock a gun that's very inexpensive and is reliable day in and day out.

My second gun was a Browning Gold Hunter- this was a gun that truely made me despise ALL gas driven shotguns. The more moving parts in anything, the more likely it is to fail. The gun failed to cycle shells reliably and in many cases, turned into a single shot shotgun. I need a dependable gun that can be dropped in the mud, rinsed in a pond and shoots reliably the entire day.

I love my Benelli Super Black Eagle II with the Comfor-Tech Stock- If you can find one in used good used condition, I would get it. I've never had a problem with the gun cycling any size load I put in it. The only thing that seems to get tired on the gun after years of shooting is the stock spring which is inexpensive. That's what happened to my buddies M-1 and it shoots like a dream now.

One tip if you do buy a Benelli is when you clean it, rest the gun, barrel side down. Spray the chamber and where the action falls into the stock spring with a gun solvent and let the residue drain down towards the barrel. Keeping it stock down will only create more build up as your season progresses.

let us know what you go with!!

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Don't forget the Winchester SuperX3. It really impressed me for the price.

I ended up with the benelli super vinci but the SX3 was my second choice. Tough decision when the top two guns are that far apart in price.

Ergonomics won out for me. The benelli just shouldered better than any other out there for me. Extrema was 3rd. To each his own. You gotta shoulder them all. It'll pick you.

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I will 2nd the Extrema or Extrema2. You might be able to find a good used one reliably. I don't believe there is a better, more reliable gas operated gun out there.

Recently I went and pulled up just about every new semi-auto out there when I went gun shopping with my Brother-in-law. The Vinci and the SBEII pulled up awesome. The guy at the counter really wanted to sell me the browning maxxus, and it was a very nice gun, and I have heard nothing but good things about it. Didn't bother with the SX3 as it was essentially the maxxus. He ended up buying the AL400 EXTREME, which is basically the newest version of the Extrema. But for him, it was really between the beretta and the Browniing. I still like my Extrema2 better than all of them though. Never misfires, never jams no matter the loads.

I am not sold on the Remingtons, I have seen too many of them that won't kick out a low brass trap load, but on the same end, I have seen plenty that do. If I buy a Remington, it will be an 870 wingmaster.

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