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Bear fat

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Somebody told me that bear fat is really desirable to some folks. What do you experienced guys say, do you try to save your bear fat or is it just dumped with guts, bones, etc?

Also if you do a shoulder mount has anybody figured out something useful to do with the back half of the hide or do you just pitch it?

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People use to use the fat to make lube, cooking, boot water proofing or soap out of it.

As far as a shoulder mount goes. My buddy had one made and he was not very happy with it and I agree they just don't look that nice on a bear.

Put the bear hide in the deep freezer until you can afford to do a full rug. I think you will be a lot happer with the result! wink

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i chuck the rest of the hide, or ask the taximan if he wants it for patch work. Ive had people request it for teperature readings, they render it an put it in a jar if it gets cloudy its getting colder if its getting warmer its clearer. But I dont know if that works. I wanna rug but dont know where I'd put it, my bud had a 3/4 done an its coming out of the wall stepping over a log, reall cool.

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I think Bear Grease comes from Bear fat. Back in the day they used almost every part of the animal for something. Bear Grease is a terrific water-proofing material. It makes leather really supple, and can be used for various other things as well. Think it may have been used in lanterns for oil, and/or candle making material as well?

I'm pretty sure, like whole raw cow's milk, there's a fairly elaborate process of "rendering" the fat to derive other products from it. I suppose one could try and "Google" it, and see what comes up?

I think Jerkbait asked a question about bear fat on another thread. I've butchered maybe 5-6 bear over the years, and I've found that smaller, younger bear just don't put on fat the way much older, larger bear do. I'd guess that's primarily a metabolism thing, as well as the stress that goes along with being the younger bear in a forest full of older bear.

Young, active kids typically don't put on nearly as much "fat" as their older, less active parents. As they age, they get more confident, move a little slower, and add on calories that they quickly burned when they were younger.

I've tried to use capes, bones, and fat of deer and bear in the past. Have a couple beautiful capes that I fleshed and tanned myself, but haven't had much luck with the other stuff. It's much, much easier to just go purchase a jar of bear grease! wink

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rendering fat is very easy...simply cook at low heat till it melts, and pour off the melted fat and let it cool in jars and put on the lids...they say it will keep for a long time, and can be used for all sorts of things.

Make sure to strain it through cheese cloth or some such to keep any wayward meat chunks from getting in the jars, especially if you are using for cooking...

I'm told once rendered it can go unrefridgerated like pork lard, but if I'm going through all the work, mines staying in the fridge.

I like the look of bear rugs, but I much prefer the half body mounts...shoulder and head mounts look dorky, but half body mounts are very lifelike and take up about as much room on the wall as a standard whitetail mount. My taxidermist charges $550 for them. I've had him do 4 of them for me over the years.


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Thanks for the info Jk. When you slow cook it, does it separate into layers of grease and fat, or is it all one homogenous mixture?

You use the rendered and strained fat to cook with? What else do you use it for?

I kind of like the shoulder/head mounts. Especially in a natural pose. But the one you have above is pretty cool as well. It looks an awful lot like my dog! No offense, it just does. smile

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Just rendered my bear's fat yesterday....

Step 1 - Don't wait to long, the sooner you do it the better

Step 2 - Trim off all meat and any blood stained fat

Step 3 - Cube the fat into 1" cubes or smaller

Step 4 - In a large pot put in 2 quarts of water and bring to boil

Step 5 - Turn down the heat to low and add the fat cubes

Step 6 - Cook for about 6 - 10 hour - water will steam off over time

Step 8 - Strain off the liquid from the crackles through cheese cloth

Step 8a - I used a second large pot and colander lined with cheese cloth

Step 9 - Salt the crackles (left over cubes) and enjoy - kind of like bacon

Step 10 - Pour from second pot into container(s) of choice

Note – fat liquefies at about 165 degrees, you do not need a lot of heat.

The liquid will layer after it sets for few days

Use in pan cakes, chocolate chip cookies, etc. – good stuff!

Use to tell the weather – http://www.gordonwimsatt.com/

-Requires a password, I sent an email years ago and have not been pestered.

I have some from past bears and it does do something with the weather. Native Americans use to use in gall bladders to forecast the weather.

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