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Joe Mauer


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hard to imagine boston trading for a huge contract after they just unloaded all that money to the dodgers.

a small part of me would love to see what mauer could do in 81 games at fenway.

and they always say almost every player gets put on waivers.

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I cannot see any team spending 23 million for the balance per year of Joe's contract.

His days of catching are close to over and that's alot for a 1st basemen.

On top of that, in Joe's contract I believe he has to agree to a trade.

I do not believe Joe is going anywhere for now.

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This from CBS Sports:

This time of year you hear a report about a player being placed on trade waivers and some fans get up in arms wondering what a team is doing and all that. I usually just ignore most of them, because most players are placed on trade waivers because it gives their team an option. So, to breathlessly report every player that goes on trade waivers (which are supposed to be secret) seems to be a little much to me.

However, as we saw with Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett, it's not worthless.

So with that disclaimer, the Twins have put Joe Mauer on trade waivers, Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com reports.

Mauer, 29, has roughly $142.5 million left on his contract, which is a healthy bit of change. It would take a team with a lot of payroll flexibility to take on the Minnesota catcher. Know any team that may have cleared say, $260 million or so, recently?

Rosenthal cites a source "with knowledge of the club's thinking" as saying Boston is "unlikely" to take on Mauer's contract.

If you haven't noticed -- and it's possible because the Twins have been so bad -- Mauer is having another good season for the Twins, even if it appears he'll never put up the power numbers that he did in his MVP year of 2009. Mauer's hitting .309/.403/.425 with eight home runs this season and if he went to Boston, he could serve in the Victor Martinez role as a DH, first baseman and sometimes catcher.

Mauer, who will earn $23 million annually through the 2018 season, has full no-trade protection, so even if he his claimed, he'd have to OK the deal.

CBSSports.com Insider Jon Heyman reported Tuesday that Mauer's teammate, Justin Morneau, was claimed on waivers, but the Twins couldn't work out a deal, so he was pulled off of waivers.

In the end, it's highly unlikely, but not impossible, that Mauer is anything but a Twin the rest of this year and next year -- still, it does make an interesting hypothetical for discussion purposes.

So no. It's not like they're trying to dump him. He has a total non-trade clause so he has to agree to any kind of offer from another team. At least at this point of his carreer, that's not going to happen.

The Twins are just doing this to give them a little flexability for the September call ups coming in just a few days.

Relax everyone....

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hard to imagine boston trading for a huge contract after they just unloaded all that money to the dodgers.

a small part of me would love to see what mauer could do in 81 games at fenway.

and they always say almost every player gets put on waivers.

Hard to imagine? Maybe. Another way of viewing it is that all the salary that they shed have them the flexibility they need to take on a contract like Mauer's.

Mauer is still a great defensive catcher, even though he would probably only catch about 100 games a year for them.

Fenway is PERFECTLY SUITED for Mauer's hitting philosophy, and he would wear out the Monster. He would be a great fit in the Sox lineup, and fill a position of great need for them.

For the Twins, while it would be a HUGE PR nightmare for them (trading away the hometown golden boy soon after moving into the fancy new stadium? yikes!) it would also probably be an essential piece of a concerted rebuilding effort. Mauer would command a hefty return of top prospects and probably at least one big-league player for salary reasons. The fact that Mauer is under contract through (I think) 2018 - even though at a hefty salary) only makes him more attractive for a premier franchise with the deep pockets to absorb that contract.

The Twins aren't going to be a contender for a few years anyway, why not jumpstart the franchise reboot if they can get the king's ransom they would need to make moving Mauer worthwhile?

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With Big Papi done for the reminder of the season, not expected back next year, no first baseman to speak of with Gonzalez gone and two decent catchers on staff it makes all the sense in the world for Mauer to go there. He can play all three positions, could bang countless doubles off the green monster and have better talent surrounding him. It's a perfect fit for him. The Twins could get some pitching prospects and maybe Ellsbury thrown in and could start rebuilding with some free agents. They have to unload Mauer, Morneau and Span and get rebuilding as having too large a salary and a terrible team year after year is not working.

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Joe Mauer is terrible.

What an absolute waste of money.

He does not even catch day games after night games because he is tuckered out.

He admitted that he does not work out much in the off season.

He said he was going to work out more and eat better this off season.

He is getting paid an absurd amount of money to play a game and he does not have the decency to keep himself in shape.

He admitted that when he was younger he really did not have to do much to stay in shape but it is getting harder as he gets older.

The guy is soft and has no work ethic.

He will never fully reach his potential with the attitude he has.

He is the single most overrated athlete in MN sports history.

The Twins should trade him.

They might be able to get a bag of balls and a bat or two for him.

Certainly no team would give us an actual player for him.

I have never been a Mauer apologist.

I have ripped him since he was drafted.

He is complete garbage, the Twins need to call him out and tell him to remove his head from his sphincter.

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