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Prettiest lake ever!!

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About 10 years ago a friend flew me into a lake that left a huge impact on me. Not only was the fishing great, but the lake itself was a gem. Quite frankly, it was the most beautiful lake that I've ever seen. Turquoise blue green water made it seem like you were fishing in Hawaii. You could easily see bottom down 50 feet. In fact my buddy flew another friend into this lake a few years back and the depth finder was reading 45 feet. The friend informed him that his depth finder was not working. It's not 45 feet here. But indeed it was. Somehow this crystal clear water made 50 feet look like 20. It's been on my bucket list to get back there ever since. Last weekend I got to cross that return adventure off of my list.

A short 8 mile ride from our camp site to the lake with another buddy flying solo off of our wing.


Our approach gave me this awesome view of paradise.


Heading out fishing. The green water in this shot is probably 30 to 40 feet deep. The trees at the far end are the length of the lake. Barely enough room to take off with the plane. My pilot buddies were concerned about getting off of the lake with the wind direction.


All you have to do to catch fish here is drop any kind of lure to the bottom. Within a few minutes you'll have a Lake Trout on. Most fish are on the small side. 2 to 3 lbs. But occasionally you'll latch on to a cannibal. That's a fish that gets big enough to feed on it's own kind and can grow to monsterous proportions. Our biggest fish this trip was about 12 lbs. And I had a fish on that I couldn't budge off of the bottom before it spit my barbless hook. My last time here we caught a couple of mid to high teen weight fish.



I love this lake so much that I just might put it back on my bucket list.

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There are no outfitters that service this lake. I wish that I could give you the waypoints for this lake, but I simply can't. I'm sure you understand. I hope you can find a simliar paradise some day.

Thanks for all the positive replies.

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Brooky that is an amazing lake with beauty and some willing lakers to boot. the water clarity is amazing. i dont know if many small lakes can compare with that one but i went a couple of times to this little lake we had a short portage to in Ontario. we camped on White Otter Lake. from there by boat we went into a small bay and then to a short trail to Emery Lake.

the big difference is that this lake is a little stained but very deep. i dont think it's more than 300 acres. the lakers there are mainly in the 2 to 3 pound range and we never got anything bigger than that. we trolled spoons near the surface in June and got all we wanted. dont think a plane would get into that one but i could be wrong. easy enough to get to by foot and carry a small boat and motor.

although Emery Lake did not have the ultra clear water your lake had, it did have all the lake trout action one could want and the beauty of the Canadian wilderness to go with it. thanks for the post, it brought back some memories for me. good luck.

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Brooky, not looking for waypoints or anything, just curious what 'area' of Canada this lake is in, to give me and everyone else a better idea of what part of the world produces such a paradise. Saying Northern Ontario, Eastern Saskatchewan, etc. is just fine, and would be highly unlikely at giving away its location, unless of course it is the only lake within 1000 miles.

Thanks, and great shots as well!

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Until my first time into this lake reinhard, the friend that flew my in had never seen a Lake Trout over 5 lbs., and he had fished it for occasionally for over 20 years. On that outing he caught back to back 15 to 18 lb. fish. While he was fighting them I probably caught a half dozen of the regular 2 to 4 lb. fish. I'm not sure what I enjoy more about this lake. The fishing or the beauty. Probably the beauty. I'm a moderator/owner of one of the biggest fishing message boards in North America, and I posted the same thread on there. Like yourself, many have claimed to know about a lake similar this one for color and clarity. But the guy that flew me in there (long story but he's my former employer) has flown coast to coast, from Alaska to Labrador, and has never seen a lake the color of this one.

Not sure if I'm out of line here, but if you want to have a look at our message board, just google OFNC. Ontario Fishing Community Network. Mainly Ontario based but with over 8000 members, we have a bunch of American members.

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You guys don't want to hear about the untouched Walleye lake that we camped on. Absolutely nobody goes here. We wouldn't go out for the supper Walleye until the pototoes were almost done.

20 minutes of fishing.


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North of Thunder Bay CAMEN. A little north of the Albany River.

It actually sticks out like a sore thumb with blue color on Gmaps...If i'm looking at the right lake.. Thanks again. Cool stuff.

Edit: Lol, Nevermind. Closer i look many of the lakes in that area have that blue coloring

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