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looking to fish & tell some fishing stories in or around kansas city mo

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I'm in kansas city mo looks like I'll be here 2 or 3 weeks helping my dad get out of icu. I would like to go out fishing one day this coming week to relax. I would like to go out with one of you guys & we can split your expenses. I can't leave the hospital till 10 am & need to be back by 9 pm. If anyone has an extra sport on there boat I'm an experienced fisherman & fish once 2 twice a well back home in Florida.

Thank you

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That's allot of views but no responses no ones fishing this week? Well I guess I'm going to have to by a rod is there any access along the river? What about pay lakes? If no ones going I'd love some ideas.

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Wish I could help you but boat is in the shop and grandchild is feeling ill so I am helping babysit. crazy

Should be lots of good fishing behind wing/trail dikes. A little search should turn up some bait/fishing shops in town to give you better details as I don't fish down there.

Hope dad gets well soon.

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Thank you Finns hope your grandchild feels Better

I went to Minnesota bait & tackle yesterday I got some guide info but it was to expensive decided to by a cheap but decent rod that I can leave here & a good reel I'll take back home with me. They gave me directions to Lewis & Clark park on the river. I managed to get an hour in fished for carp no bites but I had a great time & relaxed a little.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Ok, but your not getting by without final project walk through pictures!!  😨   It would also be nice to see-hear changes and improvements that you made on this one from your first one. 🙂
    • What was you're final cost on this project ? Might think about doing one myself.
    • Based on schedule I don't think you can say much about the gophers  yet. They were gifted a win against an FCS team. Barely beat Fresno St  in OT.  Had a close game against Georgia southern at home?   I get it they beat who they had scheduled, its a great start credit to them.  But it doesn't move the needle for me. Go get a win against Penn St or Iowa and then I might start buying what Fleck is selling.
    • I got the center cabinet door made up last night.  All of the cutting is officially done.  I have a little sanding to do and I will stain it and it will be completed.  He doesn't want carpet so that saves me some time and money.  The plan is to deliver it this Saturday when I go to get my deer stands ready for the season.
    • I even used root beer..  
    • I was pleasantly surprised that the gophers jumped up to #17. I of course wasn’t expected Boise State to lose to BYU. I also assumed that the Michigan bias would have prevented them from dropping in the rankings. The most recent bowl projection I could find was a couple weeks old, but it had the gophers in the outback bowl against Auburn.
    • I usually use soy sauce and lemon juice among other things in my marinade which usually does a good job of tenderizing. You can even use Coca Cola. 
    • Now ranked 17th! Look out Big Dave!
    • Of course, sear the steak or roast before serving.   In fact some folks sear before sous vide and again after.     Sous Vide can really help with the toughness problem.      Normally tough cuts are cooked low and slow with moist heat, like brisket with the texas crutch, or 321 ribs.   But that means they will be cooked well done.   Sous Vide lets you cook lower and slower and keep that nice medium rare doneness.      I did a beef rump roast for like 36 hours at 132 this summer.  It was great.... seared it on the grill.   
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