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Bear stand advice, what time of day to bait, and other ?s

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I am going with the future father in law bear hunting. We cant make it up til the 29th to start baiting. He is hunting, and I am helping.

1. Do you set a stand up when you set a bait up?

2. Is a trail camera a must?

3. How many days would you wait after the first baiting to hunt?

4. Do you follow the same routine every time you go bait? (time of day, clothes, anything else you can think of?)

5. What time of day do you go out to bait?

6. Do you hunt morning to night, or night only, or what is common?

7. If you take a four wheeler to bait do you take it with you to hunt and leave it in the woods? How far away?

I am guessing we have from 29th to start until the 4th, maybe the 5th before we have to leave.

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I. Yes domt wana make unneeded comotion later in the season.

2. No but yes, tiem hes coming is, size, sow an cubs, Im not gonna sit a bait that just geting coons thinking a big bear is cleaning me out. It is a very esential tool in my bbook but many bear have been taken with out them.

3. confused with this one you can only hunt starting Sept. 1st but wen I hunt I bait to of course

4 Majorly yes, same same same, spray bugs spray wen u bait to so bear are accustom to the spray wen u hunt, it'll be part of the routine.

5. I go after work, but if i could it'd be about 2 or A.M. the later u bait the more chance u have on a bear coming in at dark.

6. This is why a camera is essential. youll be able totell wen hes like to come to eat, not a 110 percent but will give you a patern to watch. If is hot an the bear stop moving i'll hunt the A.M. much cooler, even if the camera dosnet show him at that time. Ya never know they eat wen they feel like it.

7 Take it out all they way you do wen u bait an leave a hunter to in stand two in one out, bear cant count.

Good luck. Boar

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Boy if you cant start baiting till the 29th that dont leave much time to get a bear in before hunting starts but it could work in ur favor, I would right away get scent out as much an u can an loud a scent as you can find do a burn right away maybe

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A bait in a good area, away from people near thick low lying cover will get action quickly. As im sure alot of you have noticed new trucks start popping up about 3-5 days prior to season. Then they are gone from the area before you are...thats cuz these people are stealing your bears people. Im not going to bash em either, as its all fair game but yeah, when a bears been hitting a bait for 2 weeks, and is getting used to your baits and a new smell from 1/2-1mi away catches his nose he will visit that bait in the fall. Ive personally set up a bait and hunted it 4 days later, it was getting hit every night though.

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