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Baiting Wolves

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Only one snare per bait ? [PoorWordUsage] is that law ?. I'm glad I live here and allowed to put as many in as I want although one well placed snare is better than a 100 bad ones . A beaver carcass is by far your best bait . It also remains fresh longer and wolves will hit a beaver carcass before anything else .

I guess your only allowed one snare because of the tag sytem .eh ?


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In case there are some "wolf" hunters out there that may be contemplating this....I heard on KFAN Outdoors that the CO's will come down HARD on anyone using corn/plant matter as "wolf" bait. No warnings, no friendly reminders. They are putting up with NONE of that.

This is ONLY what I personally heard over the air. I believe the host was paraphrasing a memo of some sort he received. So do I 100% guarantee this is, in fact, accurate? No, I do not. See my two previous sentences for source.

I just keep picturing some silly-me explaining to a CO that wolves JUST LOVE corn.

I'm thinking a goat pegged on a short rope is probably the best (like in Africa).

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The full 11 pages of regs are on the dnr HSOforum...go to hunting & trapping...click on wolf...and there you are! Here is the snibit about baiting...

Bait - Bait is allowed for the purposes of attracting a wolf to take by legal firearms, bow and arrow, or trapping. Note: The use of bait for wolf hunting or trapping is legal this year within applicable laws. However, the deposit of carcasses not associated with legal baiting or on public lands, or on private lands without the consent of the owner, constitutes litter. Also the Minnesota Board of Animal Health requires that carcasses from domestic animals must be disposed of as soon as possible after death, usually within 48 to 72 hours, by burial, composting, or incineration. The disposal or placement of livestock carcasses on public land constitutes litter. Use of live bait may constitute cruelty to animals.

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Dog as bait, wow how can you look him/her in the eye and walk off knowing pure terror is coming his/her way. I agree these dogs don't have much chance of anything good coming their way in a pound but if they could speak I'd hope they'd take lethal injection over this or hang themselves in their kennel if they knew what was coming, I'm assuming someone will say well you shoot the wolf before it gets to the dog(s) but whatever it is, that's not like is the word civilized ? I'll never need to tag a wolf that bad or by that theory. Good luck guys on your hunts or if by trapping, should make for some changes to the pics we see in the outdoor news.

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