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first timer shooter....need advice


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Which arm gets tired or both? If its just one is it the arm that holds the bow or the one that holds the string?

If its your bow arm, that is typical because most people aren't used to holding a 5lb weight straight in front of them 10, 15, 20 times in a row. Especially when you're trying to make it hold still. To work on that do exactly the same. Strengthen your body by holding a weight in that hand straight out in front of you.

If its your string arm, it all about building strength in your back and shoulders. You can do this by doing "row" exercises like you're rowing a rowboat, with a weight in your hand. Also, don't be afraid of turning the weight on your bow down. If its more than 30lbs its legal to kill a deer so you don't have to be a superman and pull 70 on your first try. Build your strength and you will be a more steady shooter.

Don't feel bad. Archery uses a lot of back and core muscles that most people don't use on a daily basis. Its more important to have good form while shooting than you get that heavy string back. Use a bow you can draw slow and smooth.

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First thing you may want to do is decrease your draw weight probably one of the most common mistakes by new and old shooters... Men try to be too "macho" and pull more weight than is necessary a bow is easier to handle at a lower weight... I can comfortably shoot over 70lbs but tone mine down to 65 to make it easier especially in late season

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Both arms hurt, but the arm that is holding the bow hurts the most. I just started pulling 35 lbs and have also experienced that every bow is different when it comes to pulling the same weight. I know they are all designed differently. I don't pull a weight that I'm not comfortable with. I just want to know how people prepare their muscle for this activity.

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I find that lifting weights helps tremendously. Especially working on your core and your shoulders and triceps

I don't know how much experience you have lifting weights, but at a minimum you could do pushups, situps (and other ab stuff like leg lifts), pullups, arm curls, shrugs, tricep extensions, lawnmowers, and lunges. Using a rowing machine would be excellent as well.

I do squats, box jumps, bench press, and a few other exercises too. Since i've been lifting more this year I have noticed I can target shoot for much longer without getting fatigued

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Proper form is also essential to pulling a bow and holding it for a long time.

Using your shoulders and back muscles are a key!

I went back to 70lb bow this year from a 60 and it is almost easier, helped by working out alot and using the proper form.

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