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How far do you go with scent elimination products?

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I go with a silver pray, an shower before an use the underarm stuff, keep my clothers hung up for alongtime before opener an thats about it. Anyone use the suits? or a cover scent. Wat do u guys do to try reduce your scent.

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I have scent-free deodorant (tested it today, I smelled BAD, put on the deodorant, and couldn't smell much of anything after)

Also will shower with scent-free shampoo, and have the spray. I use em, but not religiously. I do keep my clothes in a plastic bag with some leaves.

But mostly I try to play the wind.

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Scent free detergent, line dry clothes, keep clothes in air tight dry bags, scent killer, put hunting clothes on only before walking to stand (not in the truck, not in the shack etc).

I don't know that any of it really helps....I play the wind and I'll take that every time. 'Forget the wind just hunt' is what you should say if you don't ever want me to consider your product as more than snake oil.

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I went so far as to throw all my scent control stuff in the garbage! grin

It can work on young deer but if you are after a mature animal I feel its not worth the effort and wastes a lot of $$$/time. I use to take extreme scent control measures and got busted all the time. Well planned setups and entrance and exit routes are the key, know the wind/thermals and know the land/bedding/food and everything will fall into place.

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I was all my outer wear in scent free soap, then line dry them right up until hunting. I spray each layer down with scent killer before I put them on, including my under layers. Also spray down my swamp boots good each time out.

I stop using normal deodorant and shampoo about a week before. I use scent free body/hair wash and scent killer deodorant. I also stop wearing cologne during this time.

I should shower each morning before I go out, but I don't. During hunting, I do that at the end of each day.

I have had good luck not spooking deer that way. I have had deer right down wind of me, and even walk right past my stand and not spook. Who's to say though of all the big bucks I never saw because the smelled me first.

I don't use cover scents. Prefer to not smell and play the wind.

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Like most of you wash clothes in scent free detergent, try to air dry if time allows. I rarely wash my coats & bibs, just leave them on the woodpile for a week or so & hope to get a rain on them. I shower with scent free & use the deodorant. I often hunt directly after work, which I have an office job, so I don't get sweaty, but I just do that in the morning before I go to work. I usually change in my office before I leave. Outside layers are in a tote in the back of the truck most of the time. I do use scent killer or similar brand spray.

I find as the season wears on, especially when it gets to late October & beyond I get more casual with it. You're going more often, there's less daylight, & you don't always have time to wash clothes that maybe should be.

I ALWAYS hunt the wind, unless it's crunch time & it's the only time I've got to hunt a stand I think is hot & it's the last chance before gun season. I might gamble once in a while in that situation. If you're not seeing any deer you want to shoot in the places the winds right for at that point what do you have to lose?

I highly doubt I'll ever by any Scent Lock clothing.

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