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home water filter


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When hooked up to the well I put one of these rigs so that it only filtered the cold water at the kitchen sink. We could live with that and it wasn't all the expensive. You can spend huge dough to try and solve the problem. I bleached the well according to the directions at the U Extension Service twice a year and that helped a lot also.

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We deal with this issue in the Blaine area a lot. If its just the hot water side you need to look at the hot water heater. There is a few ways to deal with this. If the heater is old put a new one in and bleach treat the lines. If it is newer change out the anode rod and bleach treat the lines and water heater. You could also look at a tankless water heater and be done with the problem forever. This was the solution I used at my home in Ham Lake 2 years ago and have never had a issue since.

My shop is right on HWY 65 north of main street. Give us a call if you need help with this.

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If the smell you're talking about is something like rotten eggs, chances are you have hydrogen-sulfide gas in your water. You may be able to treat your well with bleach and it may work for a while but it will return.

Here's what I did.

We were experiencing a strong hydrogen-sulfide smell in our water. So bad, you'd gag while taking a shower. When I'd pour a glass of water I could see the gas bubbles as they rose to the surface and evaporated. Once they were gone, the odor was gone. I installed a bladderless pressure tank on my incoming water line and the smell was gone immediately. I bought an epoxy lined tank from Fleet Farm. It comes with three openings. One near the bottom, one about midway up the side, and one on the top. I plumbed my water line from the well pump to enter the tank at the midway point. Then I came out of the tank near the bottom where I installed a "T" fitting and added a drain valve with a hose fitting so I can drain the tank to the floor drain. To the top of the tank I installed a valve to the atmosphere.

When I turn on the water with all the valves closed, I trap all that air inside. The water is now routed through the tank where the hydrogen-sulfide gas is able to evaporate inside the tank and is removed from the water before entering my house system. No more gas suspended in the water and no more odor.

About once or twice a year, I open the valve on the top of the tank and let the pump force all the air out. I close the valve, turn off the water supply, open the drain on the bottom, and then open the valve on top. As the tank drains, new fresh air is drawn into the tank to replenish it. Once the tank is completely drained, I close all valves and turn on the water supply. Now the system is recharged again with fresh air. I did this about 15 years ago and haven't had any odor issues again.

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