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wheelhouse roof question


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Hi guys,im new here and i have a couple questions.

Im building a 7'x15 v front wheelhouse and i plan on a rubber roof.

Could someone explain how i would finish the roof edge?

Is it neccisary to have any overhang?

How do you transition from siding to roof and get a good seal at that point?

pics and explanation would really help me.

Also would the vapor barrior go on the inside or the outside of any wall or roof insulation?

Thanks guys

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Hey twigjigger welcome to the HSO family and glad to have you on board.

When I have done rubber roofing on fishouses I glue it down then let it over hang about 3 inches then I run a aluminum terminal strip that I srcew thru the rubber and the top header of the house

I got the terminal strip at the Save big money store.

vapor barrier goes over the insul on the inside of the house. if you can afford it go with spray foam insulation it cost a bit more but in the long run its worth every penny and then yo will not have to worry about a vapor barrier either grin

Here is a picture of the last house I did.


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is that terminal strip a 90 degree bend or flat and do you apply adhesive under the 2" flap as well? if i go with menards couragated siding will this strip still work? It looks like this is pretty specific to smooth alum siding.

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Here is how I did my roof. I have 8*20.

Take an 8ft 2*6. I cut it 2.5" on the top plate and ripped it and left it at full depth at the peak.

Essentially I made my own little rafters 5.5"at the peak and 2.5" at the top plate. Then between the rafters I cut pieces of 2*3 for blocking. That way the entire perimeter was solid. Gives you just a little slope, which is all you will need with rubber roof. It melts right off. Then I put down 3/8 plywood. My rafters were 16 inch spaching, mostly to accomodate the interior paneling.

Then I put the rubber down. Have fun. Make sure you leave it overhang a couple inches. Make sure you spray foam. Walls, floor and ceiling. I guarentee you mine will float if it ever goes through. House wrap it, side it, and when you are all done with everything else take that rubber and pull it over the top of the siding. Then screw in your termination strips like the ones in the picture and then cut the rubber off with a utility knife.

Just remember in construction everything goes over the top. Housewrap goes over the top of walls, siding goes over the top of housewrap, rubber roof goes over the top of both. If you are really picky like me I actually put the housewrap up onto the top plate before I put the roof on.

Make sure you dont have any real pointy corners on the roof or anything that can tear it. And use all of the holes in the termination strips to screw the rubber down, especially in the front. I used galvinized colored pole barn screws. The ones with the rubber washer. If you really want to be anal caulk the top of the termination strip after you run all the screws.

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