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Looking at purchasing an electric smoker that will work when its cold outside, or something that can be vented through the wall in the shop. Last year we spent close to $600 to get two deer processed, which I thought was ridiculous. Looking for a little info on what would be the best one to get. Thanks!

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If you get eh Masterbuild I would get the 40" ... you will grow into it.

Sam's sells them as cheap as anyone.

$600 - 2 deer ... WOW! I think you just got hosed because no one pays that kind of $$ for processing 2 deer unless you got a snack sticks and stuff made from it. The casings alone run about 50 cents/lb. these days but $600 ,,,, hum. Gotta be more to the story.

Also, just a smoker won't cut it unless you have the grinder and a stuffer.

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maby you should have broken down the items and what you paid for each part of the proccessing. i know a buddy of mine who does deer and he charges 100 bucks for skinning,cutting,grinding, and packaging all in one sum unless you want sausage made and that is extra [that is understandable]. stay away from places that charge extra for skinning,grinding, and packaging. to me that is redicules. i never did that when i processed deer for years.

you have to invest to save money but in the long run it will save you a lot of money. grinder for sure. stuffer if you are going to make sausage. if your going to make cooked sausage [or smoked] you will need a smoker but can get by with doing it in your oven but it will not get the smoke as you would in a smoker unless you want to go with liquid smoke.

you can get the 40 inch Masterbuilt fully digital with the window to see your product and remote control for 300 bucks. but you can get the Masterbuilt electric that is digital without the window and remote control for 170 bucks. good luck.

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hmmmm, 3.25 to 4 bucks a pound on average for sausage or sticks WOW how much did those deer weigh. unless prices really went thru the roof from the last time I had sausage made which was at the fore mentioned prices. Wat do ya get off of a deer deboned 5 gal bucket on a big deer, 50 lbs maybe. I guess at 5 to 5.50 a lb pluse tax. I'd buy half a beef an half a hog for that.

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It can get costly if you pay someone to do it all and you pay for the pork they add to it to. Thats why I dont get sausage made anymore and I can buy GOOD FRESH sausage down the street for a lot cheaper. Now if I have deer meat I take the steaks and can the rest.

You should be able to get a good idea on smokers on here by looking around. Makeing your own sausage can be fun but is still a lot of work and still not much cheaper than what you can buy although it isnt deer meat at the store. You can also check as some places might just smoke your sausage you make for a small fee. I bring my Salmon to a place and they brine and smoke it and vaccum seal it for $2 a pound.I like to smoke meat but for that price I will let them do it.

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