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Medical Question


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Last night we went for a walk/run with our GSP and when we come to a field we let her loose to do some "free running". We ended up walking/running about 3 miles, suffice to say she was spent! Throughout the evening and last night, she was up every couple hours with the dry heaves.? What I mean is you know that "cough" or "throw up" sound they make when grass is stuck in their throats, that is the sound she was doing all last night and this morning. I fed her this morning and she ate fine and went out and did her bathroom break and that seemed fine.

THoughts? I just reread the GrassyAwn topic and it kind of scares the he&^ out of me. I only mention this cuz the field she runs in has been "rehabbed" by the Shakopee Medwaketon Sioux.

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It is a new strain of the kennel cough but there is no vaccination for it.

All 3 of mine had it last week (hence missing pointer club).

A friend that does boarding and daycare for dogs said that she is seeing it quite frequently lately being it is so hot. She contacted the local vets and they were the ones that told her about the problem.

They prescribe 10 days of Cephalexin 500mg pills, 2 pills in am with meal and 2 pills in pm with meal. For my 3 dogs it was $54 with no exam needed, so for 1 it should be under $20.

Two of my dogs just did the hacking cough thing, but the other guy, he would have to hack up stuff each time he coughed.

It lasted 3 days before we got the pills and then another 3 days after the pills started.


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She's just fine. I got home from work yesterday and she wasn't doing anything abnormal. I think it was the 4 miles or running that wore her down so much. Might have to scale that back a little when it's in the 90's. Almost had to carry her back the last 200 yards. frown

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Yeah when its that hot out you have to be careful with the dogs. Most don't have the common sense needed to slow down and take it easy. In the house my vizsla will usually just lay around when its hot out but when he's outside he'll go full bore until he's about ready to pass out. I usually have to be the one to tell him he's had enough. Same thing in the winter. He'll keep going without a care in the world but with his short coat and almost no fur on his belly I have to keep an eye on him to make sure the cold isn't getting to him in some way.

When its really hot like it has been and i know the dog has been running hard for awhile I'll try to make sure i help him cool down when he's done running. Since I didn't have AC in my house all summer (new unit went in on tuesday) it would take him awhile to cool down otherwise. I would make sure to wet down his paws and his belly with cool water to help him cool down. Probably overkill but it seemed to help him recover faster than he would have if he was just laying on the couch in my 90-95 degree house. I would have just hosed him down in the yard but he HATES the garden house. As soon as I turn it on he goes and hides somewhere in the yard. Not sure how that all started.

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We got one of those 5' plastic pools from 'nards (as the kids say grin ) for like $8

Set it up on the back patio and the dogs love to just walk thru it after running to help cool off and feel better with the cool water. They have blood vessels in their feet that help them cool down.

I know its tough on the dogs when i'm sweating just walking around and they are running and cant sweat.

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If you suspect your dog is to hot or overheated applying riubbing alcohol to the paw pads and in the arm/Leog pits it really helps cool them fast. The trainer at Dokkens that trained my dog told me about this. He guides in SD and says they carry rubbing alcohol by the gallons on those hot fall days,. Ounce a dog severely overheats their bodies will in most cases never be able to regulate heat properly again so it's serious stuff IMO.

Good Hunting!

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