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99 Yami F50 gauge wiring

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Bought new boat. Removed motor from old boat onto new boat. To make gauge removal simpler (I thought) I disconnected wires at assorted harnesses, now I am scratching my head.

There are some obvious yellow to yellow, blue to blue, but I am stuck on the black grounding and a black wire with orange/red stripes on it, it doesn't seem to have a home.

From the 703 unit to gauges I have yellow, blue, black and green wires. The trim harness connected to the tach harness, green to green, blue to blue, yellow to yellow with the yellow wires with red stripes also joined. I am stuck with a black wire with red stripes coming from the trim gauge that doesn't have a home

any help is appreciated

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I have tried doing searches, I just never seem to locate the wire colors that the motor came with, its all the original wires, no re-rigging on my part.

I am talking about the wires coming from the T/T gauge and the tachometer and back to the wire cluster that comes out of the 703 remote

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So you can't find the installation stuff for the remote? Or the gauge?

After re-reading it sounds like the unexplained wire comes from the gauge. Who made the gauge? Is the same remote you had before, so you know it was connected?

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I haven't spent the last two years wrestling with this, but with some free time, I thought I'd try to tackle this again with the same results.

Does a 99 F50 have any sort of fuse box? The only reason I am asking is because it just seems that the T/T gauge, no matter how I wire it just jumps to the high position regardless, which makes me think somewhere I have some sort of short or something.

The motor runs fine, the RPM gauge works. The backlights come on in low light.

The oil and temp lights do not come on in the key on position, though only the oil lamp would light up in the key on position.

So from the 703 are 4 solid colored wires: Black, yellow, blue, green.

The analog gauges have a snap together harness that clearly join together.

The tach and T/T have blue and black wires for the backlight.

Both also have a yellow wire with red stripes and the T/T has one black wire with red stripes.

Only two results happen no matter how I try to hook the wires: nothing or the T/T needle jumps all the way up.

With a volt meter with the black grounded, yellow has power in the key on. The green wire seems to be a negative type, by that I mean it reads negative, but if I reverse it and put black to the green wire and red to the ground I get a positive reading.

Any ideas? I can live without a T/T gauge working, but I would like some comfort knowing the temp and oil gauge lights are working


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does you gauge have 3 posts on the back or two? I am thinking that one wire is the down trim signal wire, then there would be an up signal, a power wire and ground. so if you hook the black to down the black with stripe to up, green to ground, yellow to power what happens? fuse the wire you put to power so it does not melt the whole mess. take pictures if possible

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