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Smoker Snacks/Appetizers

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I thought it would be cool to see some different options on snacks/appetizers made on smokers.

I have done the smoked eggs, jerky, jalapeno poppers, and stuffed mushrooms. I am going to smoke some tomatoes, peppers, onions and make a smokey salsa this weekend.

What has everyone else done?

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Here is my favorite, you kind of touched on it:

Buffalo Turds:

Slice jalapeno peppers length-wise in half and clean out seeds and cut off the stem (you basically cut the pepper into two "boats"). Fill with cream cheese using a butter knife, then set a mini-weenie in the cheese. Wrap the whole thing in a piece of bacon, then stab a toothpick through it to hold the bacon on. Smoke at 170-190 for 2 hours or so, then enjoy!

The peppers lose most of their heat in the smoking, so don't worry about that. It is a great idea to use gloves in cleaning out the peppers, and really wash them out good.


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A Fatty. Take 10 strips of bacon and weave a 5 by 5 mat on a piece of saran wrap. Mix a thawed chub of hot sausage and a chub of sage together and roll it out into a big chub to fill your bacon weave. Roll it up in the bacon and saran wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour or so. Put it on the smoker for a couple hours at 250 or so. Cool and slice and serve with crackers and sliced cheese.

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Armadillo Eggs- Sausage, topped and cored Jalapenos, Cream Cheese mixed with whatever spice you want.

Mix CC, and squirt it into the JPs. Separate and flatten some sausage into small patties. Wrap the filled JPs in the patty, and seal it up good. Throw on the smoker a couple of hours at 250.

Armadillo egg prep

Armadillo egg done

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There are loads of things to try with this, as in skipping the bacon, using different sausages, or using a rub or seasoning on it. You can also put the thawed chub in a large ziploc bag to roll it flat, and add fillings to roll back up into a chub. Cheese, peppers, and onions are a good start, but there are a lot of ways to go. I saw one guy put frozen hashbrowns and scrambled eggs in one, smoke it, slice it, and serve it on a sliced biscuit like a sandwich. Trial and error will be a fun and tasty experience! Good Luck!

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I won a little BBQ comp with these...

I do my bacon weave, and put my rib rub on that

next 1 lb of spicy italian sausage spread about 1" over the weave

sauteed onions, red peppers and diced cheddar cheese on the sausage

crumble another 1/2 pound of crispy bacon over the pepper.onions

sprinkle more rub and drizzle BBQ sauce over the crumbled bacon

I do the building operation on freezer paper so it is easier to 'roll' it all up. Just lift the edge of the paper to begin the rolling process. Make sure you finish the weave on the ends... People get really excited when they see them all done nice and purtty...

Put on the smoker for 3-4 hours... finish with BBQ sauce brushed on the outside the last 30-45 mins.

Fantastic! They disappear quickly...

For a twist, use your leftovers for breakfast sandwiches and even better, the base layer of a breakfast casserole!

I'm guessing eyeguy will be reporting about his smoked-egg-fattie sandwich before days end... HA

Good Luck!


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