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Corn n Seafood Boil

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Made this for the first time today and it will become a regular addition!

Started with 8 cups of water in a big pot with 2 tbls of salt...

Some new red taters straight from the garden along with a lemon cut in half...

Brought this to a nice boil for 10 minutes and added a tablespoon of old bay and a tablespoon of some cajun mix I had.

Added 8 ears of corn...

After 5 minutes added 1.5 pound of e-Z peal shrimp...

A few minutes later 4 dozen mussels. Almost bought clams but my dad and I really enjoy mussels more.

A couple more minutes with the lid on and she was ready.

Drain and feast!


Overall the flavor was great! Salt content was perfect, could have used some more heat, next time i'll add some Franks right into the broth and some more old bay... grin

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As we were tearing into this last night we agreed, a few rings of kielbasi thrown in would be great! grin And it would help feed more iffin ya wanted...

We are real lucky here, we have a local but large grocery chain that really works hard at thier produce department. They have a large team dedicated to hunting down the freshest best stuff avail. We have had awesome sweet corn for over a month that is as good if not better than the local stuff just getting ready. And they use it to get people in the store. They are charging 1$ for 4 ears...

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Here is a recipe I got off this site years ago, not sure who posted it but i have made it a few times and it turns out great.


1 turkey fryer base + lp

1 turkey fryer pot with basket (cleaned)


disposable table cloth

crab utensils

melted butter

1 zatarins crab boil packet

-food list-

4 lbs crab legs

4 lbs shrimp

3 lbs scallops

1-2 lbs frozen crayfish (if you can find)

1 package of pearl onions

3 lbs of new potatoes

2 packages of beef smoked sausage, sliced in 3" pieces

1 package of halved frozen corn on the cob

- fill water in turkey pot to "just above" oil fill line. get water rolling then add your packet. As soon as you get your packet you can get your potatoes going. This is where you need to start keeping track of time.

-twenty minutes for the potatoes

-onions go in next for 5 minutes

-corn - five minutes

-sausage - 5 minutes

-scallops - 5 minutes

-crayfish - 5 minutes

-shrimp - 5 minutes

-crab - 5 minutes

Total time 55 minutes, give or take. The only way you can mess this recipe up is to undercook or overcook the crab legs and shrimp. Know that when you add things to boiling water, the boiling stops so you need to adjust for this technically.

When you feel that everything is ready to go, take out your basket of food, it will be very heavy, dump on disposable table cloth and dig in. Serve with melted butter. No plates needed. When you are done wrap the table cloth tie it and throw it away, very little mess.

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OK for the cooking newbie like me... the potatoes stay in for 55 mins and the onions are in for 35 mins and we just add each as we count down from 55 mins total right? I want to try something like this at the lake with our friends... Will do some brats for the non seafooders... if there are any...

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Did this a few years ago on a camping trip, it was a nice change of pace from the usual camp food.

Using the beer case as a plate / cutting board. I like how you roll. I've filleted many a fish on one of those.

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I love a good low country boil. Those times posted previously are way off in my opinion though. I add potatoes and smoked kiebabase boil for 10 minutes, add corn after that for another 5 minutes, add shrimp....cook till they float (about 3-5 minutes) and call it done. About 25 minutes total. Unless you like corn and potatoes cooked to mush. I also go 3/4 cup old bay to 6 quarts of water.

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