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2012 regs online


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I have a question - why was my zone hunter choice last year (the season following a horrible winter) and now lottery (a season following one of the mildest winters in 30+ years). I do know there are a lot of wolves in my area BUT a mild winter is tougher on the wolves than the deer. Given the amount of rain in the area there should be ample food (heck, I don't think they even ran low on food over the winter) in conjunction with an absolutely toothless spring - how can they have "downgraded" my area?!?! I know there's a bunch of "DNR doesn't know what they're doing", "they're morons", sentiment but really - can anyone answer why they did this??? What would have caused the population to be lower??? Unless I missed something (which would be a first for me, haha) - a change from hunter's choice to lottery suggests less deer, right??? I'm up by Emily/Outing by the way.

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Maybe its not lower this year, than last year.... maybe it was determined that the area was just lower than it should/could be overall.

Contact your area DNR wildlife manager and get their take on the area he/she takes care of.

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Probably found out from last season that population was lower than they thought. Also after hunter input on many areas they have upped their goals of a little higher deer population per square mile. Many hunters have been complaining of over harvest. Looked at the statewide map and areas I know,I think except for a few areas this years setup is pretty good.

There is a quite a few areas that were managed(2 deer limit) our now hunters choice this year. Overall much of the state limits have been reduced.

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Our area also went from hunter choice to lottery...Our group saw alot less deer last year but it was mainly because of the weather during the firearms season...you can still drive around here in the evenings and spot 50 - 100 deer in a 10 mile round trip most of the time...I also wonder if they are reading more into last years harvest and hunter complaints than is really relative to the actual deer numbers...As far as our group goes the lottery doesn't really make a big difference as just about all of us wait for a shooter buck during rifle and muzzle seasons other than the youngest kids....So, we let the kids fill the freezers, if they want to, and if we can't get a decent buck with rifle or muzzy...we'll try for a doe with archery late in the year...

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We went from Managed to Hunters Choice.

We did not see the deer we had seen in the past, so I am OK with it, only down fall for us is now we need to go to another area to pursue the Doe early to put some meat in the freezer.

I would like to hold off in our area for a buck.

No problem with that, there is plenty of WMA's around in different zones with the Managed/Intensive/No Limit areas to go play in.

Only thing the wife said tonight was, "looks like I will have to use a climber this year".

Oh bummer, more shopping grin

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