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Remebering Bud

Bobby Bass

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I woke up in the middle of the night last night and found Bud in bed with me. I reached over to pat his side and he was cold. In an instant the past twelve years flashed past me. I owned Bud's ma and pa, Ma was a black lab that was as sleek as a black panther, everyone would always comment that she look more like a big cat then a black lab. Even when she was just lying on her side her muscles would ripple under her skin. Dad was an English Springer Spaniel who was devoted to the wife and followed her everywhere, except when Sadie got in heat and then he had a new women in his life.

Bud was born in my bed but before the rest of his litter mates could make their appearance Bud and Sadie were moved to a prearrange area for the rest of the birthing. Last one to make an appearance was Barney, but as we always said about him "Better late then never" At eight weeks his brothers and sisters were all sold except for Barney who was shaded in browns and tans and just looked a little odd. We later found out he is a special breed of lab and his markings are only thrown about once in a thousand pups. It was a good enough excuse to keep him around.

Bud's first experience with bird hunting was not a good one. I had taken Bob his dad out hunting in the morning and my son wanted to go out hunting that afternoon. I told him Bob was tuckered out and he offered to take Bud out. I don't know why but I told him not to come back home if he didn't have Bud with him. After dark that night the son shows up at home and no Bud. I found out later that he and his buddy had driven fifty miles to the friend's cabin and had been racing along the dirt roads and tight turns. Bud had gotten car sick in the back seat and when they stopped Bud got yelled at for throwing up in the back of the car. Bud took off into the woods and would not come back to them no matter how hard they tried. Doug woke me up to tell me he had lost the dog.

Ten minutes later with flashlights Doug and his sister and I were in the Dodge heading to where Bud was last seen. During the drive the story came out and as I drove on the dirt roads with the tight turns and hills I figured out what had happen. Bud had been alone in the woods for about three hours by now. The last place he was seen was at the edge of a clearing about a quarter mile in from the tote road. Armed with flashlights we headed into the woods under a starlit night with no moon in sight. We found him, I should say the daughter found him as we reached the edge of the clearing. She was calling his name when he ran across the clearing and jumped into her arms. The daughter confessed she was a little worried when she just saw a pair of glowing eyes running across the field in her flashlight. I arrived a minute or so later and got the same welcome, he followed me out to the Dodge with his shoulder pressed against my leg and has never left my side since then.

I ran my hand down Buds side and his hair was cold, stopping my hand I didn't feel him breathing. Twelve years went by in a second and I thought it was fair that if he was born in my bed he should die in it. I knew this day was coming as I gave him a ruff shake, He raised his head and turned to look over his back at me like a teenager getting woke up at noon. Dang dog was just sleeping hard and the a/c had made his coat cold to the touch. I patted him again and went back to bed, the day is going to come, but it was not going to be today, from Lake Iwanttobethere

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