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line question for salmon

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I am curious to know...is power pro braided line easy for fish to see and am I better off using mono? The reason I ask is because since I started using the PP I havent been able to make any hook ups. Should I go back to mono line?

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I tend to use 20# Berkley big game for my rigger rods and even 30# when I want to switch things up a bit depending on the fish I plan to catch. I like to run 30# powerpro for my dypsies but alot of folks like to run heavier for ease of handling and for the fact it won't bite into the spool when your fighting a fish. I haven't had a problem with the 30# and like that it will run deeper then the 50-80 that alot of folks like to run. When I start getting into 50# fish then I may change it up. I also run 36 or 37# leadcore versus the 27#. This has very little to do with the sink rate and more to do with the tensile strength of the dacron fibers surrounding the core. Just something to think about if your gonna big water fish. I tend to like mono for rigger rods over the power pro for visibility reasons but mostly for the stretch factor that you get when the rod pops on shorter leads.


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I also use 20 lb mono for my riggers. I experimented with 15 with a few break offs. I do have some segmented lead core rods that have some mono for attaching a board to and some braid for backing. I tend to use fluorocarbon for leaders.

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I use PowerPro almost across the board except specialty lines like leadcore and copper and such. I use both 65# and 50#. Most charters on Lake Michigan will use 20# mono across the board. There are a dozen variables with your question, but I will give you a little insight into some general ideas.

There is more good to outweigh the bad in my opinion with braided lines like PowerPro. It is more expensive, but that is one of the few non-redeeming qualities that I see easily. I believe that braided lines over mono is more effective for many reasons. However mono will work just fine for all your applications too so don't get too hung up on either.

The reason I use it: Long lines, both off boards or deep downrigger fishing; this really helps tighten up the slack faster. There are many times on the board lines you are talking about line in excessive of 300' at 10% stretch for any argument sake is 30'. That's a lot in my opinion so I am trying to alleviate some of that out (even if it was only 5%). CAUTION: When doing that your also removing some of the inexperience level that stretch will help absorb! You can lose more fish on hook-ups between the boat and when the fish first strikes if your not careful. Again, this is my experience that I see. In order to regain some of that back, I use 8' rods with a fast tip and good backbone. I use only one certain rod for this. I do not like 7' rods for this reason with a PowerPro type line. You can't get both actions that you are looking for in that short of a rod. I also use top notch reels with really good drags so I set them a little looser too.

(Again, my two cents)

If you also use PowerPro line for dipsey set-ups be certain to add the snubber behind the dipsey. It is really not important to me to have a snubber on behind if you are using 20lbs or larger Mono on a dipsey. Those rods are generally longer and also help with the shock, keep in mind though I would never run without a snubber on any setup of a dipsey on Lake Michigan, only on Lake Superior.

Trust me when I say I could argue this topic all day, but in all reality the difference between the two is probably got less to do with the line itself than 2 dozen other variables.

Hope this helps!

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To answer your question, use a mono or fluorocarbon leader say about 6' and don't set the hook as hard as you would with mono main line. One useful feature of power pro (or any braid)is it will cut through other guys mono if they don't get out of the way when you're fighting a fish.

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