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frog question


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Ok...this may be a silly question, but here goes. Is top water frog fishing exclusively for large mouth or do smallies and other species of bass go after floating frogs? Do you look for heavy cover/ pads when fishing frogs? I wanna picks some up, what would you recommend? I have a green scum frog with the paddle legs and a hard bodied Rebel frog as well...

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I've caught plenty of smallmouth on frogs. Just depends on the places you fish them. I usually use soft-bodied frogs in wild rice or other grasses near current or rocks, get hammered by those smallies.

If you are fishing up in the slop and lilypads there probably won't be many smallmouth in there though

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There's no doubt that a smallie will hit a frog if it's active enough. The thing is that if a smallie is willing to hit a frog, there are a handful of other baits that I'd prefer to throw simply because you would get more bites.

Definitely have caught a few bronzebacks on the Rum using a Ribbit frog though. It truly depends on what kind of cover you are fishing.

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Hiya -

I get smallies on frogs once in a while when I'm on 'combo platter' lakes where smallies and largemouths share some of the same habitat, especially rushes. So they'll hit them for sure. But most of the time with smallies you aren't fishing around heavy cover, so why not use something that hooks fish better? Unless you're really in thick pads or rice or matted weeds, something like a buzzbait or walk the dog bait will catch both and you'll miss fewer fish.

But to frogs generally, yeah, heavy cover they excel. Had a 6 pounder do a headstand to eat a frog yesterday morning. Whole body out of the water, straight vertical, tail up in the air. Pretty cool. smile

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small floating lures of all varieties that I can let SIT are a go-to smallie bait for me.

Usually this is the smallest jointed floating rapala. I like to swim it a few inches putting off a wake, and then let it sit. Spooks are a great choice too, but I seem to have better luck with the rapalas.

I've never used soft bodied frogs for smallies, but I imagine if spooks work great, that soft bodied frogs would work just fine!

Just remember - go smaller rather than larger!

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I like the post above like a topwater frog on da river when there's a lot of weeds next to shore. I can cast it on shore and plop it in and not worry about getting snagged. A buzzbait would pick up junk. Depends on the cover at hand. But yes smallies will hit frogs, pike and smaller musky's will to. Had a ski on Eagle lake take a few swipes until I pulled that away. Spro frogs are spendy.

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