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Dog tags snagging stuff


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I like to have my dogs wearing their collars for obvious reasons.

A couple years ago we were on the deck and my chocolate lab at the time was laying by me and started to appear to be having a seizure.... her legs sprawled out, she couldnt stand up and her eyes were rolling back..... her dang dog tags were stuck between the deck boards! And she was just struggling to stand up. Scared the bejeezus out of us.

We just got a new black lab pup. She is 10 weeks now.

She has a collar, and I have 2 tags on the collar. Obviously for identification, but a couple tags also gives the nice "clinking" sound when she is outside. We live on wooded acreage and its nice to have a little noise to locate her if she is wandering in the bushes and such.

Well she likes to lay on the vents with the AC running and I knew it was going to happen.

She just had a tag get caught and she pulled the vent off the floor and was screaming and running around the furniture. I had a helluva time catching her to release her.

It had already twisted the collar and tightened it a little.

Any tips on tags and keeping your dogs from situations like this??? Other than haveng to remove collars that is...

Poor baby scared the dump out of me.

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We had a bad scare with collars where one dog almost died of asphyxation while playing in the house. The dogs were wrestling and somehow one collar became wrapped around the snout of another dog and they started twisting until one was choked out.

She was out long enough to pass out before anyone found them. Not a pretty site to see your pets eyes bugged out as it chokes to death.

Cut the collar off and she came back but it was too close of a call.

Our dogs no longer wear collars unless they are supervised. They are micro chipped and we hope that is good enough if they ever get loose.

I've read of many people also not using collars while hunting near water for the same reason, getting the collar hung up with a dog in water can be the end for them.

As for the tags, we put them on their leashes. The leashes are always with us when we are out with the dogs, and the dogs are never out without us. Hasn't been an issue yet.

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When I order my nylon collars, I also order the flat 1/2 x 2 inch id tags, they send rivets with, I rivet them to the collar. Probably won't work for a pup though, their collars are too small.

I think you're going to have to do the Red-Green thing, get the duct tape out, tape up the dangling portion. smile

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I think you just need to do your best to use some duct tape to make them as snag proof as possible. That should avoid most "normal" things that happen, there are always freak accidents that are hard to avoid. With my dogs even though they are chipped if they get out the old school method of someone reading the tag and calling me works a lot easier than the dog having no ID.

I remember when we just moved into our new house and the part of the dog tag wire got snagged in a loop in the carpet. Dog freaked and started running around and the carpet thread/loop just was pulled out like a zipper, not good.

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One of the things I am doing at work right now is working with a team to release some new pet products to the market. We have designed a few different dog tags but will be working on others.

I've already brought up the idea of having a tag of some sort that doesn't hang down. The idea we are looking at right now is a leather collar that can be engraved with whatever information a customer wants which would eliminate the need for the hanging tag. We are working on sourcing the leather and other materials right now so we'll see how it goes.

If we are able to do it the cost of the personalization/engraving would be included in the cost of the collar so if you ordered it you'd get back a collar already engraved with the info you wanted on it. I'll post an update if/when we are able to release the product to the market.

If anyone has another idea of a dog tag that you think would work well for hunting dogs/active dogs just let me know. I can bring it to the team at work and maybe we'll be able to put it into production and add it to our product offering.

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My dogs do not wear collars unless needed and I am with them. When hunting they wear blaze orange collars with a reflective strip (in case they get lost and wander around into the night). They are micro-chipped and the inside of the collar in big bold letters made with permanent marker... REWARD and my cell phone number. That's it. I do not want them knowing my name or address or the dog's name. All they need to know is they will get some money and here is the number to call to get it.

I never let them wear collars while duck hunting... ever!

Good Luck!


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You can order collars from Cabela's that you can have the name of the dog embroidered along with a phone number, they come in different colors. Our 2 labs only have the collars on when were hunting or away from home. My other dog on the other hand I do like to hear the jingle on her tags when were outside in the yard.

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