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Ever since I was 16 or so i always fished for bass in the summer but it consisted mostly of frog fishing and throwing senkos because it was easy to do and pretty effective. This summer i decided to try new techniques and boy let me tell you it has really helped me become a much better fisherman! Texas rigged worms and tubes, shakey heads, and drop shots have really expanded my arsenal and my success has been increased at least two fold. So I ask you to go out and try something new, it can really help you out! I havent even thrown a frog this summer because I have found these techniques to be much more fun and effective and ive been out at least 20 times!

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I am not a fan of frog fishing. there i said it...

Add me to the list of frog haters too! Fun way to catch them when it is happening BUT I can't embrace the bite to fish catch ratio. Seems like everytime I rely on a topwater pattern, the weatherman passes gas and the fish won't hit on top when I need them.

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Finding the right frog is pretty important on a day to day basis. On cloudy days I like a frog that pops/spits more, while on a bright sunny day I like a frog that glides more. I've really been focusing on frog fishing this summer and it's proven to be effective!

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"We're out here on some deep rock in 250 feet of water drop shotting baby seals for great whites. As you can see on my side imaging, there are several 20 footers just off the boat. The bite on this drop shot rig can be very subtle so you really have to watch your line closely."

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You guys are all crazy. crazy

I bet you think this isn't cool either


Because it's basically the same thing as frog fishing....

Fantastic Craigums!

As Deitz said, we've had quite the amusing discussions about this subject, and I have to admit that... "My name is Aaron Carrell, and I am a frog fishing addict!" If there is even a remotely reasonable bite going on that will get a couple fish, I'll take a frog any day over most other techniques, but on the other hand....

...the advice given above trying other techniques definitely puts a whole new excitement into catching fish. In just the last 2 years alone I've learned so much more about fishing jig & pig, jigworms, shakey heads, dropshots, tubes, texas rigs, and even given 1 or 2 attempts at punching (my least favorite). But with all those new techniques and having successfully performed all of them on different lakes, I feel like the adventure of tricking a fish into taking your lure becomes so much more of a creativity game than anything, and I do get a good enjoyment out of figuring that out as well each time. Its been extremely useful for getting more #'s of fish, and putting some extra cash in my pocket by winning league outtings, etc which normally would not have gone to me 2 years ago, but I still pick up my frog rod when I just plain want to have a good ole time catching or at least anticipating the hit from a bass.

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+2 on the frog addict, at least this summer so far. When they are on it, you can't take it away from them and they just don't miss it. I'm talking about them choking on it, can't see the frog until you pry open their mouth type bites. Very exciting. However, I am forcing myself off shore more often to get into those schools out there. Dean Rojas said the biggest mistake weekend fishermen make when it comes to fishing a frog, "putting it down"

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