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I'm not ready to crown 'em, but I agree making the playoffs should be an expectation now. Some years where we don't, but we should be in the hunt every year. 2000 season ticket sales already?

I like the fact that our lines are starting to look logical now. You have 3rd line guys playing on the 3rd line. Your second line is filled with skill guys. And our first line will have 3 really good players on it that can work together to put the puck in the net. And we don't need our prospects playing in the bigs right away, they can spend most of their season in Houston and provide depth if injuries occur.

Suter will eat the clock on the blue line. Hopefully be feeding that puck up ice to guys who can score. It's all good. The money looks really high to me, but look at how much some of our concussed injury prone guys have made too.

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How many times you gonna say that Bear! ... Believe it baby!

I am getting sick of typing it. grin

I agree with your assessement of our future too, we probably have a 7-8 year window to get it done before Parise and Suter are too old and their cap hits/production start to become an issue.

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Hopefully be feeding that puck up ice to guys who can score.

agreed! It was painful last year at times watching them lose the puck then chase it and give it away in the nuetral zone.

I saw a depth chart that has Powe on the 4th line but I hope not for long! Bulmer, Rau and Zucker can't be far off.

Anyone know if Eric Christiensen signed or what the wild plan to do with him? Mr. Shootout... What about Foster?

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I heard Christiensen was KHL bound and Foster I believe is playing for Ottawa next year.

I was surprised Chistiensen couldn't get on with an NHL team. He wasn't much of a defensive forward, but he had some scoring knack and was very solid on the SO.

I'm sure Ottawa will be enjoying that 100mph shot Fozzy's got.

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So all the guys that we traded for last year are gone? What was the point besides getting rid of a couple large contracts? Zidlichky is gone but they also traded Wellman for Christiensen when they didn't have a shot in hell at the playoffs.

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I'm sure Chistiensen was basically a "tryout". If he showed he could be a goal scorer and still play defensively, they probably would have tried to keep him around. Either way, Wellman was gone, so at least they took a shot at something that had potential to be a scoring threat.

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Originally Posted By: BuckSutherland

...and HYPE is all it will be...

Another loser MN move. Name one time in the history in PRO sports in MN where giving out the big long-term deal has done anything for us.

Thats right, it has never worked. And like donks the Wild doubled down on it.

Look what losers the twins turned into signing Joe tampoon Mauer for 184 million.

The wild will continue to suck just like the rest of our teams. They will be lucky to make the playoffs, but to us MN fans I guess just making the playoffs is like winning the cup. [/quote']


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Not the first time we've given out crazy deals (Backstrom). In two years, if 3 of our top 6 prospects pan out, we will have a shot at a cup.

I would like these contracts more if they were 8 years at the same hit, but as Parise stated, being home was a part of his decision. If the contract wasn't to the end of his career, I'm guessing he would have gone elsewhere.


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I think he broke his glass and is still bitter about it.

Go Wild, I see a bright future for us. Fletcher has a great plan in place and I think even he didn't think it would go this well. Solid team, depth, and a load of highly skilled prospects on the way up. We are a couple of solid D away from condenting. Those can be filled by prospects developing, trade or a FA signing in the future. I almost for got to mention dispite spending to the cap this season we have lots of cap flexability in the future.


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Welcome home boys.

This is a cool deal, but wait, there's more. Wild went out, spent some money, and got 2 very good players. In the near future other big name players will be looking at coming to Minnesota. This deal is bigger than these 2 guys. The Wild just told the NHL they want a cup.

The next couple of years are going to be pretty darn exciting.

Bump.. real exciting.

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How many times you gonna say that Bear! ... Believe it baby!

An annual 7.5 million dollar salary cap hit per player is a steal my friends!

Realistically this puts us in the playoffs 7 or 8 of the next 10 years. I'll give us home ice in 5 of those seasons and we'll play for the conference title 2 or 3 times and the Cup once or twice!

And that is all a fan can really ask for for in today's NHL!

Go Wild!



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    • They sound like my wife DonBo.  In the spring she can't understand why i go off to hunt when she just looks out the window and there they are. Good luck.  
    • About 20 years ago my homewaters "Wisconsin Driftless" were teaming with brook trout.  If you fished hard for an entire day you could land over 150 brook trout. Not all of them were tiny.  Back in the good old days I averaged 100 brook trout a morning.  My go to lure was a size six Panther Martin Fly Pattern. Gold body and blade with an orange tail with a tuft of black in the tail.  About 15 years ago that changed.  The numbers turn a dramatic turn downward.   This event seems like a dejavu happening from 50 years ago.  I remember anglers scratching their heads back then and trying to figure it out.  Back then the Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources was a tiny department and had many fewer staff.  The drop in the brook trout population was attributed to over harvest back then.   Fast forward to 15 years ago.  The same event happened and with angler reporting and science leading the way the Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources figured out the reason for the crazy drop in the brook trout population.   Science tells us that over harvest 50 years ago was "not" the problem. The DNR has been studying the problems.  Yes I said "Problems". It is three fold.  The brook trout are being pushed out of their historical waters by brown trout.  The brown trout are bigger and with the waters warming in my area the browns are comfortable with the waters the brook trout call home.  A brook trout typically likes colder water and browns don't.  The DNR even shocked out browns from waterways and removed them.  They have put up barriers to try to keep out the browns so the brook trout can flourish again.   The third and worst problem for brook trout are "Gill Lice".  They are a parasite  that attaches to the brook trout's gills and compromises their breathing. Browns do not have problems with gill lice. The once prolific brook trout streams of the driftless are now almost devoid of brook trout. The DNR has done much research and tried many things to solve the problem.   The DNR has attached a scrub brush to every stream exit site so you can clean off your boots to avoid cross contamination of streams. The DNR has a liquid solution it tried. They dipped the trout in the liquid to remove the gill lice.  It worked but the trout were re-infected shortly thereafter in the stream.  The stream could not be treated.   Many streams in my home water have no kill regulation for brook trout and a bigger harvest limit for browns. The DNR even stocked different strains of brook trout right on top of infected brook trout.  They were looking for a strain that was more resilient against gill lice.  Nothing seemed to work.    This season I fished one of my more prolific brook trout streams from the past.  As I fished I pondered and tried to figure out how this could have possibly happened.  I caught zero brook trout on the stretch.   As I drove home I compared 50 years ago and now.  The best indicator of the future is the past.  I have no specialized training but here is what 58 years of trout fishing caused me to deduce. The brookies had the gill lice 50 years ago too and they were decimated and they then cycled out. They were not around for the parasites to attach to so gill lice numbers dropped also.  The brook trout took a hiatus and cycled back 20 years ago.  The brook trout will return.  They will cycle back.   A month ago I fished my former favorite brook trout stream.  I was targeting browns.  I was going to harvest some.  I was going to try and do my part to try and bring back the brook trout.  I fished a short stretch and was astounded at the extra large male brook trout I caught.  It was gill lice free.  I contacted the fisheries staff to check if they had stocked big brooder brook trout in the stream and they had not.  I was quite encouraged because of the huge male brookie and zero gill ice.  I returned two weeks later and caught my personal best brook trout.  She was gill lice free. My fingers are crossed and I hope nature has reset itself and my brook trout come back with a vengeance. 
    • good to see your pic's again!!!  
    • i'd do it for beer!!!!!!!!!👍😂
    • It would only affect people who get paid for doing the processing.
    • They don't need data!!🤗 Just a way to collect more feed.😂   I personally believe it is B.S.
    • wife hikes a lot and drags me along often....really weird being close to water without a rod in my hand.
    • Wife and I pointed the Jeep northward and saw sights.
    • Vikes are garbage. I swore them off prior to this season after they did nothing in the draft/off season to address the O-Line, then they doubled down on poor decisions by re-upping Speilman's and Cousin's contracts.    I hope they don't win another game all season and then they blow the whole thing up. I like Zim, but it doesn't seem like he's a good HC.    Sunday's are more enjoyable without the Purple Face Palm. 
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