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Toilet ideas

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I have some property up near sauke center. I have a primative set-up with electricity but no well. I want to have a toilet and was thinking of trying to find a used biffy and leaving it up there. Anybody do that? I would need to get someone to come out out and pump it, but not very often. Two problem i see. Where do I buy one, and I fear kids may see it and tip it over. I suppose I would have to lock it and find a way to anchor it. Thoughts?

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X 2. This is exactly what I did a few years ago on my hunting land. As it turns out there is a pumping business a few miles away. We usually have him visit us every spring. In our case it costs $40. Dang well worth it.

There isn't much difference between a one man fish house and a crapper when you build one.


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Might call your local Biffy rental business and see if they'd sell to you and service it for you. Staking them down is often done in some of the developments I've worked in. At my place in Cook County, I just built an outhouse like you'd find in the BWCA. No shelter from the rain or snow but also no strong odors, either. I did have to get a permit for it, though. Basically, the county wanted me to prove I was at least three feet above the ground water level. The county was easy to work with.

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I hear you on the whole, just dig a hole and not worry about the pumping thing. Problem is I stink at building stuff. What if I bought a biffy and placed it over a hole. That would be just as good as an outhouse wouldnt it?

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Here is what I did. I had an old outhouse basically over a hole when I bought the land.

I built a 4x6 new outhouse, 8' walls (maybe a bit tall, haha!), treated based out of 2x6 and 3/4" plywood. Put an RV toilet in it, so it is just like a bathroom. A Screen door in front, a small sliding window (w/ screens) on each wall. Use exterior 4x8 siding on outerside, and beadboard painted white on inside. Plastic carpet in it.

Hook up a 5 gallon water jug to the toilet for "flushing". This just went over the hole that was already there. It is amazing how fast the waste breaks down. I did use Ridex in it fairly often, to help that.

The RB toilet beign closed helps keep smell from being inside. I was ready to put a vent in it, but never needed it, as it was pretty well sealed around the base and with the toilet.

Built my own trusses and use asphalt shingles that I had left over. Put some nice trim on, and even electric plug inside and light outside that I just use extension cord to "hook up".

Was kinda expensive, but still under $500 give or take for everything, and it still is pretty comfy place to change clothes, use for "going" and people get a kick out of how nice it is wink

I built it at home and trailered it up. dropped it in place and used come-along to tree to adjust it - it is pretty heavy! Trees went down in wind, and this thing is still standing after about6 years!

good luck!

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