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Silent crankbaits


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What do you guys know about silent crankbaits? I've been trying to use crankbaits more, and accidentally bought a silent strike king 1.5 square bill. What are the benefits of this? Should I go back to a rattling version? Thanks.

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"silent" crankbaits have been standard for decades. Keep in mind that they actually aren't silent, they still make noise underwater from the hooks banging on each other and such.

You will be fine, sometimes loud rattling cranks are great, other times they aren't. Good to have variety imo

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I believe the train of thought is fish get conditioned to rattling crankbaits and learn to associate certain rattling sounds to getting hooked. With silent versions like stated they will still give off a vibration that fish can hone in on through the lateral line but without the added sound.

Ive been using them for a while now but not exclusively and its really difficult to say whether its made a difference in my catch rate.

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Hiya -

I'm a big believer in silent cranks in clear water. I don't have a doubt in my mind that there are times when a silent crank will far outperform the exact same bait with rattles.

I don't know that it's conditioning so much in a lot of cases. Lakes I fish don't see a lot of pressure, and definitely don't see a lot of crankbaits. But silent cranks still work better. I think it's just sometimes loud rattles are just too much for clear water fish - it'll actually spook them. I use silent baits, and really prefer fairly subtle, translucent colors. Clear water fish are mainly visual feeders, and a 'silent' crank is still fairly loud with hooks and split rings rattling. Even though it's a 'power fishing' bait, I still want fish to have to hunt for it a little bit.

I do carry both, and there are times when tossing a rattling version of the same bait you're using will catch a few more fish out of a school once you've worked them over with a silent bait. But for me, unless the water's dirty, there's a bloom, or it's really windy and fish are just plain on a tear, I start with a silent bait.



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Usually when I start out my day fishing, I will have a rattle and a silent crank tied onto similar rods with the same line. I even choose the same size and color cranks. I start out fishing the rattle crank, and if I don't catch anything, I will switch rods to the silent crank setup. I can usually turn around and work the same shoreline and catch one or two on the silent crank in the same stretch I just fished.

On the days they are hitting the rattle crank, it seems they don't like the silent crank.

And for some reason I have had better luck in the Fall with a silent one and spring with the rattle on.

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Anyone every try a silent redeye shad? I've never tried a silent lipless crankbait before but could see them working well in ultra clear water.

Shhhh.... whistle

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I would definately keep your new KVD 1.5. I had some decent luck last year with the Strike King KVD 2.5's. But, I also did just as good some days with their Series 4S which has the rattles. Like others, I just switched between the two to figure out what the bass wanted.

I did use the silent ones more in clearer water or later in the season. The ones with rattles worked better earlier in the season or if the water was a little mored stained.

Gook luck.

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