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Thread on record walleye??


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Just looking for a thread on the supposed record walleye caught on Rainy River...Story was published in the Bemidji Pioneer Wednesday and they ran a followup today. Fish was supposedly 35" and 24.25" girth, weight tables put it at 17.9 lbs. Local area guide caught it


if theres already a thread out there that i missed, sorry didnt mean to start a new thing

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Just read the 2nd article regarding the questions on length. Its too bad he didnt take a pic of the fish on the ruler. I suppose you just want to get it back on the water - but 10 more seconds to get it on the ruler would have been awesome.

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It is a nice fat fish, no doubt about that. I have very large hands and when I measure the width of my four fingers I get around 4 inches. If this guy has bigger hands he might span five inches. Now, I know this is not scientific, but if you measure his hand span in the picture and assume it is 4 inches, then using the same ruler to measure the fish you come up with a 28inch or possibly a 30inch very fat walleye. It could very well be 11 to 12 pounds, but not even possible that it weighs nearly 18 pounds.

If I had to guess, I would say they didn't have a tape measure with them, that is why there is no picture showing the length. The 35 inches had to be an estimate and who knows how they did that.

Very nice fish, but no record, sorry.

PS. If the fishing hall of fame accepts this as a record then we know why the fishing is better in Wisconsin.

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Maverick, I agree maybe he didnt have a ruler with him...but dude the guy is a guide. Even every weekend fisherman I know has a measuring device - usually some kind of "stick on" ruler on the side of the boat somewhere or something. I mean this dude being a guide should have something...or at the very least what I have done is measure it against a rod or a net handle and you can go back and look at the pic and then measure the rod or net or whatever and get the length. The only thing that does make me wonder though if it really is legit - is that he is a guide. You would think that anyone who would claim 35 inches and 17 pounds would know that its going to be scrutinized VERY heavily and to even make that claim you would have to be pretty dang confident. Especially a guide. I am not sold either way - I am willing to wait for more info to come out. I have seen many pics that make a big fish look small and a small fish look big. But I just wish he would have got it on some kind of measuring device...anything!! And we wouldnt have so many questions.

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I think the fish is 35".If you look at the photo again,measure the baseball cap bill.It comes out to 1.25 inches.Then measure the fish.6.25 inches.We know a standard baseball cap bill is 7 inches thus simple math puts this fish in the photograph at 35 inches!c63

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Those two objects are not on the same plane Chris, it doesn't work that way.

Here's what I find very strange. The new record eelpout was caught recently and it was all over the web in a day or two, but a possible record walleye is caught and now we don't hear about it for a few weeks?

Oh, and have you EVER had someone interpret a measurement on a fish as .1"

I've heard of 1/4" increments or even 1/8" but never .1

I almost feel like this is some sort of viral web experiment or something.

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If you think it doesn't work that way take any photo you have of a fish and check it with the method and see if it isn't accurate to about an inch or so.(Considering your wearing a standard 7 inch bill cap.)c63

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Are you suggesting that he is holding the fish closer to the camera so it "appears"larger than it is?

Of course he is, look at his arms, they are not on the same plane as the cap.

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