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steel siding

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I have 20 year old dark brown steel siding and on the west side of the house it is chalky and started to peel...the other sides are fine...what options does a guy have...prime and paint..what type of primer and paint?

do I have to clean the chalky paint before priming?

any advise would be appreciated


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I would suggest calling Sherwin Williams tech support (1-800-474-3794) and ask them. Their techies will be able to answer your questions so that you will have the best chance of success. Sherwin Williams stores are all over and they have top quality products. In the last twenty-some years before I retired, SW was our standard of quality in our pant specs.

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I know steel and aluminum are not the same, but we had aluminum siding and it was chalky and faded. It wasn't down to the metal so didn't prime. But we rented a power washer and bought a few gallons of house cleaner and went at it. Also used a long handled brush between the soap/wash and rinse. Got it all the loose chalky stuff off. Used True Values best paint and a Wagner Power sprayer. It looked fine for the next ten years til now and we pulled it all down to put new windows and new vinyl.

I would pay as much attention to the prep works as I would to the primer/paint.

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I have steel siding and it started to peel a few years ago. I found out that a company was handling warranty claims. I went through a process and got some money from them. It wasn't a great settlement as all they would pay was the value of the siding when purchased which was less than what it would cost to get a cheaper siding product today.

I had Alcoa LEgacy Series Steel Siding installed in 1994. The contact for a warranty claim is Ply Gem, 2600 Grand Boulevard Suite 900, Kansas City MO 64108. If you have that product contact them and see if you can make a claim.

Send me a private message if you need more info.

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You will want to clean that siding very good like what was mentioned with a pressure washer . There are some great cleaning products to use also with the pressure washing.

Zep makes some really good prep washes for this that you can apply thru the pressure washer or with a Hudson style sprayer then wash off.

Make sure that you let the siding dry completely before you prime and paint.

You can have just about any place that sells good quality paint match the color as for a primmer I would recommend a good oil base primmer this will ensure a good adhesion to the steel siding then you can use a good quality paint in a exterior latex finish the job.

Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Bher paint products are among the best you will find.

Prep work make all the difference in the world so don't skimp on the prep work

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