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Customized Boat for My Style

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Well this spring i gutted the boat, and started from scratch. It was a fun project, and i'm looking forward to getting this rig on the water again. Just waiting for a water pump to show up in the mail.

Here's the before, during, and after pics.



Laying out the cuts. 8' x 38' of carpet or 34 square yards.

More to come.

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I ended up with a 10' rod locker, should hold 10 rods, might be able to put another two on the floor. I may add more horizontal rod holders to the inside of the boat, maybe for smaller panfish rigs.

I went ahead and put a switch on everything. This way its easy to ensure that at the end of the day, nothing is draining the batteries. All switches are lighted except the 3 way auto bilge, which i will replace for a lighted 3 way.

I put in two bilge pumps. 1 manual, and 1 auto/manual bilge.

Plugs for both trolling motors.

I've got 32' of LED marine strip lighting - yellow, on order. That will line the boat at deck height and on the inside pannels too. Dimmer as well.

I also hooked up a 2nd battery in parallel to the main electronics battery. I put a switch between the batteries so i can easily switch from 1 to 2 batteries. I plan to buy two new batts this year and just always run them parallel. I've also got a 3rd batt which is trolling motor primary.

Tossed in a radio and speakers...came at a good price for a few waypoints from my SI of french lake.

No livewell...Scrapped that out.

GOt a downrigger for a good price too, as you can see in the pictures it isn't firmly attached yet but that is where it will go i think.

New nav lights, all new wiring, seal tite, etc...

The big front platform will be nice for hauling in big fish, as well as long weekend trips where i need lots of storage. Before everything was just laying around the boat, now it can all be tucked away.

I'm going to pick up another seat and just toss the old ones.

There are a few locks on there right now, but i'll eventually have all lockers locked.

Well...What do ya think?

Don't ask how much it cost me!! I haven't added up receipts yet...but they're about 1/2" thick.

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Wow. Nice Job.

You somehow single handedly seem to outsmart every major boat manufacture.

Your side rod locker will hold 10 rods.

In most you can get 5. (not talking about center rod lockers of course)


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Thanks for the kind words. I forgot to mention i'll be replacing the front flood light for two LED flood/spot lights, maybe a spot and two floods at some point this summer.

It was a lot of fun, i missed out on fishing the last month and a half because of it, and now i'm really antsy to get this thing on the water, but i'm still waiting for a water pump!! Ahhhh!!

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Now I'm DONE...well, until my lights show up anyway.

Made a few additions.

Dowrigger is attached.

Added another set of rod holders. Rod locker can hold 11 rods, 1 on floor, and another 5 on inside rod holders.

I added some vertical rod holders, mostly used temporarily while fishing, or for certain circumstances.

All locks are in place and tight.

Here's some photos, boat fully loaded and ready to fish.





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Thanks gordie.

Just Curious, what did i cost you and Est of how many yds of carpet did you use?? lookin at replacin mine this winter...

carpet dimensions are in the first post under the 2nd picture. Carpet and glue ran me $270 and i got it on sale. There is a fair amount of wasted carpet in the process.

Like i said, i haven't added up receipts, and will eventually, but I spent over $2k on the project.

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I've never used one, but i fish suspended quite often for walleyes and i think it will be a good tool to keep baits at the right depth. Can't wait to see the goofy looks i'll get using in in south central MN. grin

It'll be used locally, as well as on the Croix, Rainy, Mille Lacs, etc... Just another tool in the arsonal...

Plus, I only paid $100 for that cannon rigger and swivel base which is worth $300...so why not!! Same reason i just got copilot...it was half off, so might as well wink

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