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School E-Rigs

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I was looking through the gander ad today and saw they had school e-rigs on sale, and had never seen anything like it before. I was wondering if they are legal in MN and what is legal to use on them? they are a weight that is stream lined and looks like a fish head with 5 wires coming off with snap swivels to put 5 baits on, in the ad they have 5 jig heads with plastic minnows on them. I would think they would be legal if they are selling them in MN but not every thing they sell is legal to use in MN like some minreal blocks for hunting that contain fruits or corn. Could u use a few short lindy rigs on it or maybe a rapala on the bottom wire or do u have to jig heads and plastics? Has any one had any luck with them and how easy are they to use, do they just not troll good?

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Depends on how many hooks you put on it...only 1 in MN

From MN DNR:

Alabama (Umbrella/Yumbrella) Rig

The tackle configuration known as the Alabama (Umbrella/Yumbrella) rig as it is commonly promoted is not legal in Minnesota waters. The rig pictured here is different than using a single lure with multiple treble hooks that is designed to catch just one fish.

Instead, the Alabama/Umbrella/Yumbrella rigs are artificial lure/baits that involve many separate lures/baits attached via wires to a fishing line. Consequently, these rigs are not a single artificial bait/lure, rather a collection of multiple artificial lures/baits each capable of catching a fish.

In the water, the rigs simulate a small school of bait fish and YouTube videos show anglers catching two and even three largemouth bass on an Alabama/Umbrella/Yumbrella rig at the same time.

Minnesota law restricts anglers fishing in inland waters and the Canadian border waters to one artificial lure/bait on a single line. While each artificial lure/bait may have more than one hook (a crankbait, for example), only one lure or tackle configuration is allowed on a single line.

However, a Alabama (Umbrella/Yumbrella) would be legal if not more than one hook or artificial lure/bait is attached. An angler could place a single bait/lure with a hook on one of the wires and attach hookless spinners or plastic baits to the other wires.

On border waters where two lines are allowed, anglers would not be allowed to fish with any other lines at the same time if two hooks, baits or lures are attached to these rigs.

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Half? You need to invest in something other than red and white spoons! (J/K)

I'm open to suggestions if you can find me a lure that has caught fish for as many generations as a Dardevle, but I might have to considering how much they are these days... crazy

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