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Custom Portable Bait Station Question


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So this weekend I decided to make a replacement for my Frabill bait station instead of buying a new one for 79.99. I am sick of the foam linings getting dirty and stinky, and sick of the water leaking into the pump box and cuasing problems (even though it is not supposed to). Any how I picked up a cooler like shown. I mounted a water proof container to the top and fastened a aerator inside the water proof container. The air hose goes down through thelid into the water below.

My question is this, even though I have some holes drilled in the lid, they are more or less filled and very little air can pass through. Is this lack of passs through going to cuase a lack of oxygen or a Co2 build up that could kill the bait? Do I need to vent the lid? Keep in mind, that as stated, I will be using a bubbler.full-39685-19988-igloo.jpg

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I cant answer your question but this looks like a great idea. My first thought is that your bubbler should provide enough oxygen but then what do I know. Hope you get some feedback. If it works I may copy your idea.

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I made a similar setup using a cooler with the air pump mounted on the side.

I only have one hole for the air hose to go inside the cooler. The air pump pulls air from its surroundings, so as long as its mounted on the outside it'll work properly.

The only "build-up" you have to worry about is, ammonia (by-product of fish waste)

If you change 50% of the water every day or so it won't be an issue.


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Here is what I came up with. I also have another hole in place to allow me to use my 12v pump on longer trips, then use the small pump for transport. I figure I can put my phone in there too. The pump is stuck on using velcro so if I want to use a diffent pump I can. The tupper ware is fastened on using zip ties pulled tight, but one could very easily use hard too. The total of 5 holes drilled through the bottom of the tupperware container and through the lid should be enough to allow air to pass through it for the pump to operate when the lid is on tight.(i tested it it already.



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Yep, you can't seal that pump. It needs to breath.

On a side note, I'm a big fan of Frabill, but those bait stations were not engineered very well. I burned through 3 pumps last year.

I keep hoping the replacement will turn out better....

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I don't think the breathing is going to be a problem. The hole they breath throug is very small and the 5 holes drilled though the tupper ware container add up to much more total space than the tiny breath hole. Not saying I can't be wrong, but I just don't see how it is going to build up pressue with holes in the bottom. I tested it and it seems to work. Hopefully it will work out. Like the feedback though. Any ideas to make it better are welcome. If you feel I am wrong please explain further.


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Sorry, I thought the plastic container was airtight. You'll be fine with a few breather holes.

Looks good

The only issue I see is accessing the bait is going to be a pain. I might try and make a hinged lid somehow.

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