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Grape Questions


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I am going to make a second attempt to grow some grapes in Duluth. I live on the edge of the zone 4 strip by Lake Superior and going to try a couple zone 4 rated seedless varieties. My first attempt a few years ago failed when they forze out after the second year (I did not mulch the roots over winter). Anyone have any experience or advice growing grapes this far north?

Also, I think most grapes are self-pollinating. What happens when I plant 2 varieties in the same area or on same trellis. Will they cross pollunate and screw up the flavor of the fruit. Do I need to just grow one varety?

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I think there was a guy up at UMD who was a master at growing grapes, in fact came up with some of the first winter hardy species. I would check with the Extension service, maybe the Landscape Arboretum, whatever department is into this stuff at UMD.

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Growing seedless grapes this far north is risky.I have tried and been succesful with the Swenson varieties.Swenson Red and Kay Gray.Even with those.....I took the vines off the trellis and layed them down and covered them with dirt.Uncover them and put them back up in the spring.

Swenson Red is 1 of the best grapes.Not many seeds and great taste.

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Thanks for the info-

Ken - I've been doing some research about protecting the vines in the winter. It sounds like the buds are suseptible to cold winter temps. Do you just bury them in plain dirt or something else? Wouldn't the vines rot in dirt? When do you bury in the fall and when do you uncover in the spring? I was thinking of laying the vines on the ground and covering with landscape fabric then straw. My thinking is the fabric would keep the rodents out and straw provide insulation without as much moisture.

Thanks for any input. Trying to gain as much info as I can before spending the money and doing the work.

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Swenson developed a bunch of hardy grape vines at the U of M.All have seeds.Swenson Red was the best of them.Also Edelweis,LaCrecent.St. Pepin,LaCrosse,Louise Swenson,Kay Grey,Prairie Star,and St Croix.

I just lay them down after all the leaves have fallen off.Just lay them down on the ground and cover them with dirt.Might have to lay something heavy on them to make them stay under the soil.In the spring when the ground thaws pull them up and retie onto your trellis.

I put posts in the ground and tacked page fence to them.Once you tie them to the fence they will send out tendrils to grab the fence.

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