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Oh yes I am going to have to....

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debate the Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge! cry I know this is a ugly topic but I have been given a opportunity to start a transport company. Where I will need a 1 ton dually for my new venture. I have never owned one or used one for pulling anything before. I am looking for any one that has done alot of pulling with one of these. What one has better fuel economy loaded unloaded? What one has longer lasting tranny? Automatic vs Manual tranny. Not necessarily looking at a brand new one but would like to stay at least no older than 08 or 07. Any help or input would be great! Thanks in advance. smile

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laugh LOL. I am sure we will see that alot going every direction.

Also 4 wheel vs 2 wheel. Im looking at 4 wheel for the winters.

If any of you mechanics could chime in on what you see with which ones have more troubles would be great.

Thanks again

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Stay away from 6.0L fords. They can be a nice rig when used properly, but most people don't use them properly. (don't ask) But If you work on them, Like I do, You like them.

6.4L come in every once and a blue moon for a grenaded H.P. fuel pump, primary radiator leak, or secondary radiator, leak(secondary is less common.)

7.3L Have some problems, but I have not seen to many common problems.

***6.7*** Some problems,all have been fixed under warranty, Factory Nox sensors have been going out,(replace sensor and reprogram p.c.m.) 3 had primary radiator leak,(replace radiator and flush cooling system) Some Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank issues, heaters and pumps (2 vehicles)

I have to admit that I am very impressed with the 6.7.

My 2 cents (I don't have much experience but this is what I see)

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I have a 06 ford with the 6.0 diesel in it, I have 126,000 on it, Its a good truck. More peppy to drive than the 7.3, but the 7.3s where almost indestructable. Most guys whom I have heard having issues with a 6.0 are guys who did things to them they shouldn't, trying to pump a hundred extra horse out of them by just plugging in a comp chip is not the way to go... I did have the EGR cooler burst on me last summer... and did some reading up on this whole issue, and I may or may not have modified this system with a bypass.... Only thing I will say is, truck runs DARN good now, and I invite most average people to pop the hood and see if they can tell if anything is there or not. I do run a bully dog programmer, mostly to moniter things, and i have tried out the super tunes, but I rarely take it out of the tow setting. if you are looking into a 6.0 I would check into the EGR Delete, It solves a lot of the issues with the motor/ But, get the right kit, so it does not look as though it was removed (Emissions)

I have not heard anyone having good luck with the 6.4s from 08-10... most guys i knew that that had them couldn't wait till a new motor came ot so they could trade.

I know a few guys running the new 6.7, and one of my employees actually bought one last fall, drives and rides very simuler to my 6.0 (but like a new truck vs. a 6 yr old truck) Loads of power, and a lot of nice features.

I have drove a couple chevy dirty max diesels, Nice trucks, but not my cup of tea I guess, the chevy i drive most often has more pop and pep off the start, but lacks the torque the ford puts out....

have never owned a dodge, so I cannot state to much here... but, I would think a cummins paired with a manual tranny would be an unstoppable beast....

Needless to say, all of them have good things, all have bad... Its what you prefer. I am a ford guy. I probably won't by anything else without good reason. My local dealer is supurb though, and if they continue to treat me the way they do I would drive across the state to buy a truck from them.

keep in mind, with any diesel, or heavy truck, maintenance is a whole nother ball game from a gasser or a light half ton truck... I drop 100 bucks every 5000 miles into bare bones oil change, and I do it myself, one thing to keep in mind, Watch to things like Napas spring filter sale, etc... things like this can save you dollars in the long run...

My truck is very serviceable. I do fuel and oil filters easily myself.

I have 126000 miles one fords set of brake pads, and I am changing them this weekend, but they still have some life in them, but we are pulling things apart to do ball joints and outter u joints, and I also have a rear caliper that has stuck twice on me, so, its getting a good going through this weekend and getting ready to work for the summer and winter to come.

Really honestly, I don't know if you can go wrong with any of them, But I WOULD NOT BUY A FORD 6.4. Period.

thats about my 50 cents worth, sorry!

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Bought a GMC 1 ton Dually new in 2005, 125k on it now and it's been a very good truck, I've got a 24' gooseneck Felling trailer with a beaver tail on it and we've hualed a lot of stuff all over with it. No issues at all. I did have new ball joints and tie rod ends put on this winter, other than that, no mechanical issues or other issues at all.

Mileage can range anywhere from 8 MPG to 23 MPG, depending on what you are pulling and how fast you want to go. If I'm pulling a 30 foot enclosed trailer at 80 mph, I'm going to see 8 MPG, most loads I pull with the gooseneck will be in the 12 MPG range, if I'm running empty and keep my foot out of it, I can see over 20 MPG.

I try to rotate the tires every 7 - 8000 miles, so if you get new tires, try to get a free rotation with them wink

I'd buy another Duramax in a heartbeat.


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Val is a big Dodge fan, I like the Cummins, just not the rest of the trucks, but that is just me. Chevy's, I know people that own them, I would compare them to the Ford 6.0, decent power, but they have had some repeat issues.

I am a Ford guy, I can give you the ups and downs of each one of the Ford engines in detail. But I will be brief,

6.9, great mileage, ok torque, no power.

7.3 I think the best overall diesl engine out there for pickups. Cummins, a close second

6.0 If you dont modify it, and you dont drive it like a car, and you work the truck daily, it will be a decent engine. The engine has had numerous repeat problems with it, but with the vgt turbo, it has decent power, and torque. My least favorite Ford diesel engine.

6.4 Pretty comparable to the 6.0, but with a little more power, and torque, a few less issues, but more emissions that cause problems. The truck it self is solid, and with a more dependable engine then the 6.0, it is a decent truck.

6.7 Ford built engine, This is going to be Fords best diesel engine soon, and would be if it werent for having to have emission stuff on the truck. The truck is solid, the tranny is solid, very comfortable ride, with lots of extra cool things in it. The 6.7 engine has unbelievable power and torque just stock. The engine also gets good millage, and the base engine has very few problems. The biggest issue I have seen with it is the emission sensors, but to date, it seems they might have them figures out, and with the new program in it, they have been pretty much problem free lately.

Like stated earlier, diesels trucks are more expensive to maintain, not only is there more oil, and the filters cost a lot more, but every thing is bigger, and heavier, more wear on parts, parts are built beefier, and cost more to replace. A lot of shops charge more for diesel repairs, because it is a specialty. Extra training, extra tools, heavier lifts, bigger area to work on them, etc.. So if you dont need a diesel, I would stick to a half ton truck. Most models now are listing crazy towing specs on their half ton trucks, and they do actually pull and stop the trailers pretty decent, compared to just a few years ago.

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Wow, thanks for the praises guys....

Yes I am a Dodge and Cummins fan I've been running them for work for hundreds of thousands of miles. That would be my 1st choice, 2nd would be Chevy and Duramax.

I would stay away from Ford for at least another couple of years or more, until they've been proven reliable. Yes your truck will be fixed under warranty, but you don't make any money while it's sitting cab off at the dealer.

If you get a chance to pay attention to the RV haulers, 50% had Dodge, 45% has Chevy, the rest is taking a chance on a Ford.

Dodge has a great well proven motor, great torque, easy on fuel and long lasting, it is the ONLY medium duty motor installed on pickups, it is used in many applications, even on large (medium duty) trucks, generators, power equipment, marine, etc.

Chevy has come along A LOT in the last few years, and the Duramax has proven itself to be almost as reliable as the Cummins, even if it's a light duty engine, the torque is not as much, but fuel consumption is very good also.

Between the 2 brands I would choose Dodge, but ultimately I'd like to go Chevy just to give it a try on my own. It would be a tough choice. Shop with dealers, check their service dept.,

see what deal you can come up with, and I am sure you will be fine with both brands.

Auto or manual transmission is another match, Dodge has a good 6 speed manual, but also their 6 speed auto has overcome the problems feared in the past. If you get unto the Heavy Duty 4500 and 5500 you can get an Aisin, built in USA which is an awesome transmission.

Chevy has the Allison, which is one of the most popular heavy duty transmission out there, but no choice of manual.

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Basic and most important things you need are: exhaust brake (already built in), trailer brake controller option, LONG BOX.... I can send pics of what happens with a short box.... a trailer connector relocation inside the box, large mudflaps or skirting to protect towed unit.

And, oh yes we want to see pics or truck and whole rig

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Two of us had the Ford 6.0, grew up as ford guys my dad worked at ford grandad worked at ford but after having that 6.0 and getting stranded again and again with it I will never own another. Fuel injector problems, EGR, Oxygen sensors, turbo. the list gos on and on. I do use my truck hard. I pull a 3 stall horse trailer with living quarters every week with it along with my boat(not at the same time). I went to Dodge in 07 and have over 400,000 miles on mine now and have done nothing but routine maintenance on it the whole time. I have the 6 speed manual and 0 issues. I loved the way my ford road and deep down I still have a blue oval for a heart but ever since the 7.3 they just cant seem to get it right with the diesel side of things. I cant afford to be left stranded 1000 miles away from home with dogs and horses in the trailer. Pretty simple for me Dodge

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Bad thing with dodge is it seems you take a kick in the groin when it comes to resale

I would say then opposite. My last one was a 06 Megacab, bought for $ 22.5k and got it traded at dealer for $ 16.5k after 105k miles, both cab corners damaged by camper, bad wheel bearing and a couple of rusty spots.

If it's a diesel, it will not lose value much.

Same dealer had a gas 2500 '08 with 98k miles and they were asking $ 12.5

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