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Blazers with fix blade broadheads?


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I was told that you dont use fix blade BH with 2" blazer vanes by someone at a pro shop. My understanding was they were designed for Fixed blade broadheads. Anybody have any input on this? This pro shop also screwed up the cable on my new bow and denied it. They wrecked it right in front of me as I was watching them.

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Wife and I both shoot Blazers and the arrow flight is good on both.

She shoots around 40lbs with Muzzy MX3.

I shoot around 65lbs with Rage 2 Blade.

Like DC said, a properly tuned bow and corrrect balance.

Practice is always a key.

My $.02

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This pro shop also screwed up the cable on my new bow and denied it. They wrecked it right in front of me as I was watching them.

It sounds like you were dealing with a regular rocket surgeon! wink

As was said above, ignore him- he doesn't know what he's talking about. If you do snoop a bunch on this online you'll find that there are literally thousands upon thousands of people shooting Blazers (or Blazer-like) vanes with fixed heads. That's what I shoot for elk and I've been very happy with it.

I hope you got satisfaction regarding your cable. If not, I'd be talking to a manager. If I didn't get satisfaction from the manager, I'd be talking to his/her boss...

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Sorry for the potential hi-jack... but I am wondering what the benefit is from moving from regular 3" vanes to blazers with fixed blade?

I am new, just using regular vanes, and honestly not even released my first arrow at a deer yet. I practice in summer, shooting field tips and also testing broadheads a bit to make sure. Is this something I should think about, or just keep shooting what I have and then progress over time as I see the need arise?... I have 60#, 28.5" draw, and Thunderheads for now. I am sure many reading this are newbies like me, and wondering similar, as there are many choices. Thanks for advice. smile

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goblueM, Why did you switch from Rages if u dont mind me asking?

I still use the Rages some, but the last doe I shot with the 2-blade rage had a terrible blood trail despite a perfect shot, the Rage made a slit and the fascia/skin just covered it up. She only went 100 yards but there was almost no blood.

Plus I just like the security of cut-on-contact, there's no fear of mechanical failure, or bumping a blade off the o-ring before shooting, etc. Not to mention Muzzys are about a quarter of the price of Rages

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BoxMN feel no need to fix what isn't broken. I switched to the blazer style when they first hit the market because I wasn't happy with the regular vanes performance they where also not holding up and tearing. Since switching to blazers I have rarely had a vane rip and I love practicing at long ranges they will steer my slick tricks straight beyond a 100 yards.

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