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problems with 800 turbo Polaris IQ


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We started to store our sleds this weekend for the summer and I noticed a major lack of power when I gave my wife's 800 turbo Polaris IQ some throttle. After opening the hood I noticed that the hose from the turbo charger to the radiator was collapsing when I gave it the gas. Can anyone identify what is happening and what I should be looking for to fix this?

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Sorry, I've never even opened the hood on one of those. Is the hose that collapses a water line, or is it an inter-cooler line that is for air? If it is the air intake hose than I'd guess you have a restriction upstream from there causing it to not get enough air. This would also explain the lack of power. If it is a water line, then I'm a bit puzzled myself.

Let us know what you find.

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I would double check that. Your "radiator" could be a "charge air cooler" or "inter-cooler" its purpose is to cool the compressed air coming out of the turbo. Cold air is again denser and can have more fuel added to produce more power.

So What I have seen is when the turbo welds its self up, the engine returns to its naturally aspirated state. When your hit the throttle the engine creates a vacuum and that vacuum is collapsing your CAC hose. I hope you have a warranty.


Remove the CAC hose and look into the turbo, can you spin the compressor wheel, if not call her toast. BTW those pieces of turbo got into the CAC or better yet made its way into the engine...

I hate being the bearer of bad news.

(this is from my 6.0L ford experience)

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Well I took a picture of the hose that is collapsing. I did not get the chance to open it up to see if the impeller is free. Hopefully with this picture someone can help identify the issue.

Ok, now that I type this I find out I do not know how to insert this picture. Any one no how to get this in here?

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I finally figured out how to get this picture to upload. The hose that is collapsing when you depress the throttle is the big hose right in the middle of the picture. Looks like it is from the radiator to the turbo charger. With this picture can someone tell me what they think is going on with the loss of power and the collapsing of the hose which apparently is related. full-6171-26471-img_0173.jpg

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That is your Intercooler hose that connects to the Turbo, not your radiator. First step would be to replace that hose with a factory part. Hoses can degrade over time with heat, oils, etc making them more pliable and prone to sucking in.

This is common problem for many turbo engines. If you want to look around the Internet, search 'Intercooler hose collapsing'.

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