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My bow finally showed up...


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... but I'm out of town for work! I'm looking forward to running some arrows through it. Apparently they wouldn't make it in the color-pattern I ordered it in so instead of optifade forest limbs and a black riser it showed up as all black. Oh well... I should get my hand on it in a couple days.

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Ta daaa...





My rest should ship next week and hopefully I'll have it sometime later next week. I've got it set at 69 lbs and the draw cycle is great! It's also quiet, and that's without a stabilizer on it. Unfortunately I can't fix the drawlength (1/2" too short) because our press at the archery club won't fit the rounded limbs on this bow. I'll have to take it in to Scheels and get it fixed. So far, all signs point to me liking the bow though!

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LOL- I promise I won't keep it on there! I'm getting a new Trophy Taker drop away to put on there- should ship next week! Once I have that, a small faceplate that they forgot to send with the sight (not necessary to shoot), a wrist strap, and make a decision about a stabilizer (to use one or not), I'll be all set.

I've already run enough arrows through it to know it's a shooter!

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Congrat's Scoot and welcome to the Darkside looks like they combined the best out of the last four bows they made.

How's the torque with the new style calbe guard,dose she like too sit square in the hand or top limb leaning towards the right at full draw?

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Sniper- I've been to the dark side twice before, so it's not new to me. I kinda like it there... wink

Torque has been a non-issue to me so far.

Rockin' Rod, isn't it past your bedtime? smile

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Scoot ,glad to hear your getting the trophy taker rest. The biskit got to go. Only chance you have to shoot an animal with that bow. grin

Nice bow, I shot this a few times before buying the one I got.

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I don't know about sexy, but it's definitely cute! grin

Got a name picked out yet?

I'm going with "handsome" on this one, because it's a guy! I've had enough with female bows- I find them finicky, tempermental, and that they often don't perform like I want them to! laugh

I haven't settled on a name just yet. The bow is an Insanity, so I was thinking of going down that road. I considered "Manson" or even further down that path and "Helter Skelter", but I don't want my bow to be named after a suicidal maniac who killed innocent people. "Dahmer" or "Gacy" aren't acceptable either- pedaphiles who killed kids aren't worth naming anything after. Any suggestions for a nice, but pretty well known, crazy person?

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