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Starting a new lawn


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Alright lawn experts, I have a yard that has been dead since last summer when we put up the fence. We laid some of the fences on the lawn and the hot weather killed it. Now the yard is just dirt and nasty. I like to plant grass again but have had no success. I don't know what I should do to prep the dirt for healthy lawn that will regrow each year. I try to look on here for a similar topic but coudln't find one, if someone could direct me or give some tips.

I just rake the area clean of debris and sprinkle grass seed and grass food on it. It would grow, but die after a month.I guess I just don't know how to prep the area for seeding and when to start this whole process.

A few questions I have are:

What type of seed to use when the area is exposed to the sun during the hot summers and will regrow every year?

What brand of seeds is good? ( there are so many out there. It's a high traffic yard that the dogs and kids use a lot. So I like some tuff grass.

Do I have to sprinkle some stuff on the dirt and let it soak into the dirt before starting? Fertilizer?

Do you sprinkle the grass seed and leave it or do you use that heavy roller to push the seeds into the dirt?

Anyone used the big green rolls that are suppose to go ontop of the grass to protect it and help it grow? Are they worth it?

How many times a year do you use lawn food?

I guess I'm not really sure where to start with this whole thing. Any inputs would be appreciated.


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Go to a real garden store and talk to a staff person and explain your situation. Don’t go to a hardware store, a big box, or your grocery. Talk to someone who has dirty hands and jeans that have been worn outside. Once they know where you live, what type of soil you have and the size of each area, the amount of sun and traffic the area has, whether it is flat or hilly, they can sell you the products you need. Many years ago I went to Dege and the owner had a class on how to start a lawn. He then had individual sessions with you and then made his suggestions.

There is a wide variety of seed types for different types of uses. Then you have to tailor the type to the amount of sun in each area of your yard. Finally you will have to get the proper chemicals to deal with whatever mess you have left and then fertilizers to match your needs. It probably would be helpful it you had a soil same done to figure out what is lacking in your soil.

When I plant a new area I usually gas everything with a Roundup product and may do that twice with a 2 week wait between apps to make sure you get most everything. If needed you then rake out the dead stuff, rocks etc. Rake the area or run over it with a light cultivator to loosen the soil. Put down the seed and the fertilizer at the recommended rate. I then spread straw out over everything to keep it moist. Then I water it according to the instructions of the folks where I bought all the stuff.

I have had very good success when dealing with Steve at the Hugo Feed Mill. Worth the trip IMO.

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You could consider having a soil sample done to get a better idea on what fertilizer to use on the lawn. I have had them done at a feed store where you can purchase about anything you will need for your lawn.

Sounds like it is a sunny yard. I would use a perrennial ryegrass/Kentuckey bluegrass seed mix spread over the yard. Lightly rake or drag a small section of chain link fence behind a lawn mower if available. Fertilize with a starter fertilizer. Water often keeping it from getting dry but don't over water causing puddles. When you start to see plenty of seed germinate, I would fertilize again with a starter fertilizer.

Just have to remember to not let it get dry durring grow in.

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