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99 Chevy S-10 throwing code

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I just got done looking at an 99 S-10 2.2 4 cylinder, auto that I am considering purchasing. The only issues the truck has is throwing an Evap Emission Control Leak code and it likes to start the second time you turn the key rather than the first. Any ideas on where to chase down the code causing leak and what might cause it to start on the second turn of the key rather than the first? If it is too much work to fix I might pass, otherwise if it is simple fixes, I am probably going to pull the trigger. Other than these minor things the truck is in really good shape.

Pretty good deal on it and my Taurus tranny is on the way out, and the Saturn is being sold to a flipper. Blown head gasket or cracked head on it. Not much fun, but I need to be able to get back and forth to work.

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The actual code would help quite a bit but I would suspect it is either a bad gas cap, rusted filler kneck, a bad vent solenoid, a cracked vacuum hose or a seal on the tank. All of these are normal problems for gm vehicles.

As far as the extended crank the first thing I am looking at is fuel pressure. If it drops than I know it's either the pump or the regulator.

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The previous owner said he put in a new pump not that long ago. Doing some reading online it seems a lot of people have the fuel pump relay go out at about 150k. That is right about where this one is and could be a pretty easy fix. When I turned the key over, I did not hear the pump kick in, and couldn't here it after I let off the ignition. Just a hunch but I think this might be the culprit. He said it just started taking the two turn start one day and has been doing it for about a month.

I am taking the code reader with me today when we go back. If it is anything more than the evap emission control leak I might pass. I will let you know what code it pulls when I get home. Jeremy, I still have your cell number from back when we did the kids ice fishing get togethers. You mind if I text you the code later?

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It was a P0452 code. Some research online says the fuel tank pressure sensor. Sounds like I will need to pull the tank down a bit to get to it. Could that sensor maybe be causing the delayed start too? The last three times starting it up is fired up after about two seconds on the first turn. I did pick it up. Everything else about the truck is in great condition. The deal was too good to pass up, even if I had to drop a new motor in it I would still come out ahead.

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