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What's better the anticipation or the fishing?


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I'm curious if a lot of us are in the same boat, so to speak. Whether it's fishing opener or any other opener (deer, duck, turkey), what percentage of enjoyment do you all get out of the preparation/anticipation vs the actual activity itself, in this case walleye fishing?

I think it's 70% prep/anticipation 30% fishing for me. I love the planning, dreaming, getting together with friends and family more than the actual fishing...and I love the fishing too.

I think it's the one thing that replaces Santa that we all get to still be kids on still.

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For me it is also about 50/50. If by anticipation you mean preparation, serious fisherman should enjoy that - its part of the experince. Without doing a good job at the prep, it can make for a less favorable/successful experience doing th fishing part imo.

Unfortunately, don't have as much time to get on the water as I would like, so I find my self spending much more time doing the prep stuff smile

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I don't get bent out of shape over a "harvest season" i'm C&R the majority of the year anyway.

I also find more enjoyment out of the activity itself than i do anticipation...See, i might have a limit of walleyes on opener...but only 1 will go home with me.

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For me its 100% CPR fishing. I compete with myself to land more fish this week than the week before. Its pretty weird i know.. I hate walking around stores looking for a bunch of lures. I hate driving by the lake and seeing someone get too close to MY spots!!! It bothers me when i have to re-tie my line after a big fish. I cannot stand other boats nearby if I'm on fish. A big hook set followed by landing a huge fish is the best way to start a morning or end the night.

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Prep is fun . For group outings we always have a Meatin' to figger out who's drivin who bringing what meal and laugh about trips years ago.

I always enjoyed making my 'list' of stuff to bring everything from guns , shells , , survival gear to sunscreen alka seltzer smoked oysters. Eventually I created a file of my old listss for each annual trip and review and add to it year after year. What meals 'worked' what meals were to involved and so on.

Get a group of guys together planning and many don't care about a hot meal until faced with a cold day on the lake or in the woods then everyone is happy to have a steaming plate of grub in their lap.

. I am all about the food and food takes planing .

While I can't say the planning is more fun to the trip it certainly seems to last longer .

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For me I have said this for many years, The anticipation is half of the fun of the vacation. And opener is no different than any vacation. I never understood people who “surprise” others with a vacation (i.e. taking the kids to Wally World”). The anticipation and the telling all your friends and talking about it for weeks before is gone and that is half the fun. So for me talking about it and the anticipation is half of what makes it fun. I go to the same place every year for opener but I have fun talking about it for weeks with who I will be fishing with that year.

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Eventually I created a file of my old listss for each annual trip and review and add to it year after year.

I do the same thing Hookey.

I also email my list to my buddys

I've heard this quite a bit over the years: "Dang! I forgot to bring my.....!"

I think it's our duty as "list" people to help those in need.

Problem is, if they don't use the list, it can't help 'em.

Don't know how to fix that issue.


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