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Compre vs Eyecon


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Going to pick up a new 7' ml for opener. Lindys and smaller cranks will be the primary application. Would like to hear some opinions on these two models before I make the purchase. This will be the most I've ever spent on a rod so I want to make it count.

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I own a Shimano Compre 6'6" Light action and that's been my go to jigging rod the past couple of years. IMO the Compre is a very good rod for the price. It is very sensitive and I actually like it more than my more expensive elite tech walleye series rod made by Fenwick. If you pair it with a reel with a smooth drag I feel that you'll fall in love with this combo.

I have no experience with the St.Croix Eyecon, but I own a few St.Croix rods and have nothing but good things to say about them. I recently purchased a Legend Tournament Series Walleye rod and I'm excited to use it this upcoming season.

Either way, both companies make good rods, but with the product move to bass specific rods this year for Shimano,I found myself looking for a different brand when I walked into the store in search of a new rod this season.

Good luck,


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Fish Slayer, I am bummed to hear about Shimano going to more bass oriented rods. I have 4 Compre rods, from 6 ft to 6'8" and absolutely love em. I think for the $99-$120 price tag there aren't any better, and they have the lifetime warranty!

Sorry to quasi hijack the thread. My vote would be for last year's compre. Maybe not now if they changed them up.

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Does the Eyecon have a lifetime warrenty like the Compre? If no lifetime warrenty, that would be an important factor for me.

I like the old cork compre's, not sure I like the new design. They had a bunch of the old compre's (redisigned this year) at the Sportsman Show going for 50% off. Would have been a great deal for someone.

Never used the Eyecon, but I do like the handle design. I've gone almost all Fenwick for my Walleye stuff (Tech Elite/HMGs. For casting small cranks, 7' ML with fast action is a great setup for casting small cranks imo. You want it soft enough to load up on the cast for smaller cranks to get more distance, but still enough back bone for good hooksets and ripping out of weeds or twitching. I use similar setup for my lindy combo.

Any of these rods should be a good choice, can come down to personal preference.

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I would try them both(on)for size, and action. But do remember, the Eyecon has a 5yr. warranty, with replacement fee prob around $35 and hassle of sending back to Croix. I believe the Shimano rods have an over the counter exchange, ANYWHERE in stock. I would not worry about species specific at all.

Also take into consideration what type of line you will be using, if superline err softer rod.

Good luck!


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All my rod purchases in the past few years have been Shimanos. They have so many models and variations to fit any presentation. I really do like the new EVA split grip handles even though I was skeptical at first. A med/light fast or ex-fast is a great option for casting small cranks and jigs. I fish a med or med/light for this with both fast and ex-fast tips and love them. I recently fished a new Eye-con in the 7' med/light fast action on a trip with a friend and would not trade any of my Shimanos for that rod. The Eye-con seemed like the tip was a little whippy and didn't have the feel that my Compre did while pitching the same jigs.

As for the "bass rods". My favorite rod for casting cranks for walleyes, throwing swimbaits, and pitching jigs is a 7'2" med/ex-fast Shimano Crucial that is specified for Drop Shot fishing, with the split grip handle.

The lifetime over the counter exchange warranty on a Shimano is a no brainer. I wrapped my Shimano Crucial into my trolling motor while fighting a big snag on the river earlier this year. It was quite nice to go into the nearest store that carries them and swap it over the counter, no questions asked. Means a lot to a guy like me, if I was up north and broke a rod, I could go to the local shop that carried them and get a new one that afternoon with no hassle of shipping or waiting!

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I have 3 ML rods one Gander, one Fenwick and one Berkly. All have completely different tips. The Gander ultimate is great for jigging and casting #5 shad raps and up. The Berkly rod has a much softer tip and loads well with stuff lighter then a #5 Shad rap but the tip is to soft to be a good jigging rod. The Fenwick is a shorter rod with a tip some where between the two and being shorter it has the balance point right in front of my index finger (with the right reel) so it makes a vary good vertical jigging rod.

So my point is, what is good for jigging isn't the best choice for casting small stuff. You want a tip that is stiff enough to be sensitive for jigging or you want a tip that is soft enough to load up when casting small stuff. With quality control the way it is with rods one make and model of rod could me ether.

You have to buy rods by feel. Warranty has nothing to do with a good rod, it is just an extra.

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