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Shore fishing in Clearwater

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Looking for some ideas and tips for fishing the last week of March. A group is staying on the water in Cleatwater, and will be shore fishing. What can we expect to catch? What should we bring and use for equipment? What should we use for bait? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Hey Zapman I was wondering the same thing as i'm heading down to cleawater first week of June hope someone can chime in.


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We fished alot! There are fishing piers by the marina right across the bridge to cleatwater Beach. Caught a wide vaviety of fish. Started with shrimp from bait shop right next to pier. Then bought a sibiki riga long line with many small hooks to catch bait. The locals called them green sardenes. With those caught a couple of spanish makerals and a gulf flounder. Went out on 2 launches. First was a big boat that 62 people were fishing on, we caught many fish, kept the most on the boat, 66! We the chartered 2 boats for 10 miles out, caught about 50 spanish and a couple kings, and 2 fighting bonitias.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Well, up north didn't get the memo.
    • Hey everyone!  I have pondered the idea of building a wheel house for a long time.  Now that I have a little boy who will be about a year and half old next winter it gave me a good excuse to finally build one.  If I want to take the whole family out it will be much easier with a wheel house.  I have been reading through a few builds on this forum for awhile gathering tips and ideas to use on mine.  This will be a complete budget build so I have done a ton of planning.  I settled on 6.5 x 12.  I'm going to keep it simple for my first build.  It will have a table that folds down into a bunk on the back and a top bunk that folds up out of the way ad that's it besides some cabinets up front.  I do a lot of welding so I built the frame.  All the tubing is 3x2x3/16 except for the tubes that pivot.  Those are 2.5x2.5x.25 to allow room for the springs plus I wanted those to be beef up.  This frame should be way over built for how much its going to way(under 2000#).  I'm a mechanical designer so I was able to design the entire frame on SolidWorks and run test on it to see where the weak points are.  Since I'm on a tight budget I didn't insulate the floor.  I also used 2x2's for the wall studs and 2x4's for the roof which is a flat rubber roof.  I used the Prorib pole barn tin for siding and it came out super nice(I let the wife pick the color).  This is where it stands for now.  I'm about 2 months in and I'm just getting to the interior. 
    • still comes into play a lot today as this is typical in insurance policies.
    • I guess they did. I wasn't paying attention to the date.
    • BobT it's a very old thread.  Their just trolling through!  Did they catch ya!  😄
    • i did bobbers saran wrap thing for the past 2 weeks. its in a room at 68 degrees and in the sun for a good amount of time. i had a heating pad till it quit working.    ive had years where my same method has done good???????????
    • This makes sense. I suspect it might also depend on the insurance plan that was purchased. I'm sure there are policies that can be written to include replacing the whole side or entire siding to make sure it all matches when done but it would also come with a need to open the wallet a little more. 
    • For a month? They may have rotted by now. Have you tried to heat the soil with a heating pad and cover with humidity dome?. It helps my success for heat loving plants. You could also google how to germinate with wet paper towels then transfer to soil.
    • hey.i can see parts of my garden!!!!!!!!!!!   my seeds got till sat, they aint sprouted there trash.............been in the ground for a month. peppers and cleome seeds!!!!!!!!!!! and will be the last time i do the start from seed thing!!!!!! 
    • i have full intentions of being able to get on good safe ice up in itasca county yet on the first weekend of april, so..........
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