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Mid Stream Rods

Got another boat

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Hey guys,

Picked up a 17 ft Smokercraft this weekend. 45 hp Merc on the back, bow mounted troller, downriggers, etc. Will plan on an electronics upgrade but other than that, I'm ready to go!! Got a 4x4 pick up as well. Just a beater but it's got a plow and I know the truck and the old owner. I need to find a cheap sled for the ice season now. lol Waiting on info and samples from the Rod, reel and ice jigs mfg. Finally got things worked out. Email wasn't making it to him. Jay, I didn't forget. Hoping he can help or point us to another company to make what you'd asked about. Slow moving but I think it's going to work out.

If anyone wants to get out and fish, get in touch with me. Tim has my number if you don't and I'll go anyplace!! Hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you all soon!


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Sounds like a few nice toys Ray. Been busy here - work, vacation, trail cam picts, salmon season soon, wedding soon...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Most everything did great for me this year except my onions didn't get very big. Peppers growing absolutely crazy. Cukes  , zucchini , tomatoes all good. Sweetcorn ok think it had to many dry spells when it was smoking hot out. Started even curling up a few times. Pumpkins turning orange already for some reason. Probably irrelevant cause deer found them and the spaghetti squash patch. Learned yesterday that I don't like making and canning spaghetti sauce in the garage when its 90 and stupid humid out.
    • Ammo seek dot com    
    • Boone's in Isle Mn..  just in case..
    • Yea, I threw in the micro X-Rap for shiats and grins.  I'm just looking to hook into something big over deep water........Walleye, Pike, Laker, and I've heard that some big Smallies even follow the bait pods over deep water in this lake.
    • Fleet was the last place I picked some up a couple months ago. Gander? You could give The Modern Sportsman in Burnsville a call and see if they are able to restock regularly at this time.
    • Anyone seen any .45 ACP ammo on a shelf anywhere? Preferably south metro. Just went to Fleet Farm today and they have almost nothing for ammo.   I sure hate pandemics.
    • wow those are either really big or the 3rd one in the picture is really small!😁  I will say you would be surprised that you don't necessarily  need to go that deep.  Caught a lot of my walleyes on original floaters over the deep water.  Good Luck and I hope when you do connect over the deep water, it is a monster of a fish!!
    • picked the last of my green beans and pulled them last nite. the beans did well this year, tomatoes and cukes, kalarabi not so much!!!!!!!!!😩 good carrot crop also!!!!
    • ya can drop a few off here Bobber!!!  🤣
    • Looks good fishingstar,  we ended up putting a cluster of butternut squash in a corner of the garden and that sucker is taking over. Runs from one end to the other with not much room to maneuver, but lots of squash will be picked this fall. 
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