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New York Fishing Reports and Ramblings

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"hello, is anybody out there"?

Bueller, bueller, bueller....

Been getting into some trout and eyes...

Some small stream trout...





Had one of our best afternoons flyfishing down the Delaware this past weekend. Bugs hatching and active fish all afternoon... grin





Found some eyes also cool


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Very nice Jay and Dad I see you guys are still pounding fish as usual smile

This is the time of year to work work work with little time for playing.

Only been out twice since icefishing once for browns on Ontario in early May our group ended up catching 25-30 Browns 2-5lbs, one 14.2 lb AtlanticSalmon and a 4lb ish Rainbow.

Got the first ocean trip in this past Sunday June 5th it was slow most of the day but the numbers added up enough to call it fair by the end. 6 guys ended up with 50-55 total mix of Haddock, Cod & Pollack in that order.

Next trips will be Halibut, Rockfish, Ling Cod and Razor Clamming in Alaska.

Should have plenty of pictures form that trip. smile

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Sorry I've been gone for so long. The season is looking good so far, Team Worm has taken the first 2 tourneys and has a huge lead for Team Of The Year and a good chance at a birth to the Cabela's National's. I told my partner at the end of last year and before the tourney started this year that I don't care if we take first or not but I want to be consisant to get good points so we have a chance at Team of the Year. We haven't been bring the camera with us but we are now going to and get good pictures on the water. Here's the only picture I have ofthe 2 hogs (22" and 21") that went 3.21 lbs and 3.01 lbs that gave us 10 extra points for being over 3 lbs.


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Lee - Nice job on the tourneys!

FishK - Whens the trip to Alaska? Have you ever been? Alaska is on my "bucket list"! I want to catch salmon and rainbows on the fly rod till I pass-out! Then after a nap I want to eat fresh crab leggs till I almost bust. Then back to the salmon and rainbows...

Tank and I spent fathers day down to camp. We fished eyes in the morning landing 15 that were 16 to 23 inches...



After that we headed to camp and got the grass cut, took a nap, and had some grub. Then we hit out favorite rift forthe evening. Not long after getting there Tank was tight to a nice trout but after one jump, she came off.

I few minutes later hes got another one. I waded over to net it but that was interupted by a 2-3 striped bass chasing his trout around, then right in front of us a huge 20-25 pound bass grabs the 14 inch rainbow and heads off across river. Tank fought him for a bit but then he let go. About 15 minuted later Tank hooked another trout and after a few jumps the fish got hit by something big and broken off!

That was about it for the evening. The hatch dwindled plus the bass had the rift highly disturbed...

Took this pict of dad working the fast water...


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I will keep this short. I took 691 pictures but will only post a few.

Halibut fishing for chickens is about as retarded as it gets. Not many bigger fish being caught the week we were there.



They were at all depths




Razor clamming during negative tides (tides exceeding 20ft) the negative tides is what turns the bigger halibut off. Oh well the smaller ones are better eating anyways and so are the razor clams. smile


around 400 clams=50lbs of meat




Redneck launch


1am still drinkin n stinkin


Glaciers and waterfalls were everywhere


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Hope everyone is keeping busy and doing well...

FishK - Awesome stuff! Alaska is on my bucket list...

Just back from a week up north with the family. Had a real nice week and caught a bunch of fish...

Tank with the best one of the trip...



Big gills on eye baits...


Beth caught her fair share...


Fly rod walleye... cool


About 50 days till the wedding...




Tank fished bucktails and crawlers all week. I stuck to 1/4 oz jigs and 3 inch gulp minnows...


My favorite breakfast - runny eggs and walleyes...


Just built myself a new jigging stick. Heres is a link to the thread about building it...


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Great pictures as always sounds like everyone had a great time.

EVERYONE don't forget now is the time to charge the flasher batteries. Remember to unplug the negative and positive from the battery when done (forgot to last year and had to buy a new battery that fall frown )

Icefishing is just around the corner.

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Went on a half day Salmon trip so the Wife could get her big salmon. There were 4 of us fishing we ended up going 10 for 14 biggest around 22 lbs. Next trip hopefully tuna/cod, bluefish, cod, maybe seabass, yankees game and another trip to Alaska for next summer is slowly in the works plus hopefully countless icefishing trips smile.



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Todd and I got out in the boat for a bit today. Not to much happening but we did snag a couple waldos and Todd got into the Sheephead real good cry and he also caught a dandy smallmouth and we finished with a few smallish crappies. Bit chilly this a.m. on the way out but a good time fishing was had.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Congrats Jay !!!!! Kinda funny the oldest Pihuulak got married on the same day you guys did......coming out to New York next fall for 2-3 weeks...sharpen up your trout rods!!!

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Sunday we hit the river again and the eyes were hittin good! Limited in about 2 hours.

This morning we fished for a bit also and they were quiet. I never checked the barometer but you could feel the pressure in your sinuses... which is never good. We picked up two keepers early and Tank got two more after I left for work...

Heres some pics of my trip last week up the SR river. Two of my groomsmen from the wedding took me on a float trip down the river. One is good friends wih a guide up there...

We hit it perfect! River was up and full of fish. I hooked 35-40 and landed about 15! My buddies were 15-20 and about 8-9 landed...

I did my damage early with the Centerpin and beads, then switched over to bottom bouncing with flies...




We actually lost track of doubles and had a tripple hook-up...


Pancakes and bacon cooked riverside...


As timmyToe would say... "give em room Brodie"...


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Dark cloud and I have been on the walleye bite all month.Limiting out most of the time.Got 7 keepers yesterday and about 50 throw backs.The wind and rain finally told us to go home.Some days its all you catch is bigger fish than you get days like yesterday.Getting quite a few fish this year between 24 and 29 inches (All females) that we are releasing.

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Good looking fish guys . . .could have gone to the big O the other day but wind and way below freezing is stopping me now. Parts of the O are starting to skim over . . .if the wind will go somewhere else for a bout a week, we should be doing some damage on the ice.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • If anyone checks in here and has any reports, light us up! 😄   I don’t know how many ducks are left in MN with the recent cold snap but there has to be some.  Last weekend we shot a 3 man limit in western MN.  Mostly spoonies but saw 10 different species and harvested 5 of them.   I thought I had two really nice GWT teal drakes but I’m not 100% sure I should mount one.  So early in the season and they still have some pin feathers.     Is that chair at the top of the pic?  Why, yes it is.  My buddy has a sweet set up with some old chairs I gave him.   Feet still got a little cold but it was a super easy watch over the dekes.   Tonight at home I went down to my blind for the last 20 minutes to see what might be flying.  No gun.  NO PHONE!  4 hooded mergansers flew by and 6 GWT settled in pretty much at my feet. The two drakes were really nice - probably nicer than the two in the pic.  One coot was hanging around with them.    The no phone/no pics was probably the best duck call and deke spread ever. 🙃
    • I have fished this stretch for what seems forever. Two hundred yards downstream I caught my first trout at age five. I am certain that I was given one of my lessons on stream by my father on this stretch. He typically gave a "what is that" speech at least once during an outing. The lessons varied from what kind of tree or wildflower was streamside to being a good steward of the outdoors. His lessons taught me to love the places trout lived. He held them in high regard, They were almost holy places to him. He was not a religious person. When he spoke on stream it seemed like a sermon almost. My mom required me to go to church often and my Dad's speeches seemed like they came from the pulpit. He always told me to take it all in and always respect the outdoors.  This summer I was wading up this stream. The weeds were too high to walk the bank. I took a good friend with me to my special stretch of water. I wanted to share this place with him that evoked such strong memories of my father. My dad left me over half a century ago but his spirit lives on when I am on stream. I had a special hole that I wanted to show my friend. I was bursting with anticipation prior to getting there. My mind was replaying ancient memories almost like a slideshow. I remembered the first time there with my dad. I was five years old again. My trip to the past was abruptly terminated. Our trek had a hurdle. It was a wow moment. There in the tiny head water of my stream of time there was an obstruction. What had caused this to happen? It had endured countless rain events, even huge floods through its lifetime. I was certain my dad and I had walked in these same tracks decades prior. At first I was sad looking at the giant felled tree. My mind was rushing to and fro from years past. This tree was for sure older than me and it now laid across my stream. I paused and gave it the respect it deserved and pressed on to my final destination. Call it a metaphor or ramblings of an old gray trout slayer but it is a prominent memory in my book of life.
    • The camera gets turned toward me ever so often
    • had robins Monday but nothing today..
    • Robins are gone as well as most other birds. Think only the locals still here.
    • Woody seems to be a great guy and knows the lake really well from what I have followed.  He used to post on here, and I would follow his summer adventures, and boy did he seem to catch fish...and BIG fish!  I don't think you can go wrong using Woody!!! 
    • I found I had to go to Chrome to see the site correctly now.  My old internet explorer was displaying the site in ways I could not navigate.
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