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New York Fishing Reports and Ramblings

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The turkeys have been strutting and trout season is upon us, spring is here(along with some snow, lol). Lets see some reports guys, been real quiet around here. whistle

Tank and I are hitting the creeks in the morning. Hopefully I will have some picts...

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Back from an outstanding morning! Cold with snow/rain till about noon but the streams were in excelent shape.

We started on our fav finger lake trib and played with some awesome rainbows.

I started things of with this nice 18 inch freshie...


About 10 min later I was tight to the biggest stream trout I ever hooked! I stayed calm and after a while beached the beast. A beutifull 26 inch colored up male.


I had dropped Tank off up-stream but we had the radios and nobody to take a pict till later. And they never come out good later, plus its a tad blury...


Next hole I hit a nice sliver 20ish incher but the hook popped after a nice battle.

Then I got a few smaller but fun ones in the 14-15 inch range.

Tank was into fish also, nothing over twenty but nice.



Usually the lake run fish are a poke and hope, looking for a fish or two. Today was our best day for size and numbers...

On the way home we hit a small stream and picked up 4 nice holdover browns in the 13-15 inch range. These fish that spent a year of two in the stream are tasty. Looking forward to eating something besides panfish. shockedgrin


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Great fish Jay and Tank. Was planning on going to the local stream after work but as luck would have it I ended up still at work at 5pm waitin on a southern bound truck. Maybe this weekend..

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Jay and Tank - congrats on a great opening day, some excellent fish. That custom made fly rod looks better every time I see it. Jay thanks once again for those shad darts you gave me a couple of years ago, they were magical the last two days on Oneida smilesmile

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Finally hit Oneida creek in Munnsville this morning. After breakin the bail on my good ultra light i was able to put a couple 12-14" on the bank. My buddy Scott had the magic lure as he caught about 12 rangeing from 8-14". Great mornin to be out enjoying nature. Might do it again tmro...

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Prety nice weekend out there! Anyone get out?

I hit up some finger lakes trout this morning and had a good time. Driftin eggs on the centerpin. cool

A heavy brown!


Landlock salmon. These silver bullets go nuts when hooked.


PMan - No problem on the darts. They flat out work, I use em alot. We'll get ya some more for christmas, lol...

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Ok, TimmyToe is alive and well in NY, where is everyone else???

Yesterday was the PA trout opener. We slid south for the morning and had a good time landing about 20 trout. Mostly 10-12 inchers but I did get this pig brookie...


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Awesome fish guys as usual. Jay, that is one hell of a brookie. Been out of action for a while since some virus, etc. cooked the hard drive of my computer. Day to day life without a computer is almost as bad as icefishing without electronics!!!

Jay - thanks much for the promise of a early Christmas present - I did real well with the brown colored darts you gave me - used some of the mayfly nymphs the perch spit up and carefully threaded them on the dart and it was pure magic. Also wacked some on those Burke's you know about.

Did the Big Bay shuffle by boat the other day and caught some nice crappies. Unfortunately the pickerel made it almost impossible to fish effectively. Has to be a ton of them on that end of the big O.


Gasing up at the local Hess station yesterday when I heard someone yell to me. Looked up and it was Timmy. Decked out in that bright red Marcum sweatshirt. Good to see him but didn't have any time to talk much.

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Jay thats one beauty of a brookie! cool

Well Dave you look great but that crappie your holding... well heck its better looking than the both of us. grin Yeah it was nice running into you at the gas station. Manny and I use to do well in Big Bay Creek in the spring long time ago now..

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Thanks Timmy, never actually fished in the creek although I know people do. You fished with Manny? - you talking Manny Ramirez? laughlaugh. Some spring we've had - can't even fish. By the time it gets half way decent it'll be walleye time.

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Dave - Mike aka Manny was an old friend of mine not that roided out freak grin I am impressed that Jay got some nice shots with the sun out cause lately all we have seen is clouds and rain in central new york you think it was washington state instead of new york.

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Didn't think it was the dreadlocked one. grin

Hope everyone has a nice Easter. Weather looks great as usual for around here.

Timmy, gonna sit down and relax this afternoon and watch Carp & Albert do a number on my mighty Redlegs.

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Hope everyone has a nice Easter. Wow can't remember the last time we didn't go out for Easter Dinner so Amanda, Rosa and I are staying home. Dinner at one and Karen and my grand daughter Cecelia stopping over at 4 p.m.

Rubber match Sunday Night Dave and it is on ESPN so I can watch it although my Celtics are going for a sweep over Carmelo but the highlight game for me this weekend was the Bruins double ot win last night. B's go down 0-2 and come back with three straight wins Wow!

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Tanks been getting trout all week down in PA. Creeks were high and barely fishable. They dropped nice the last few days. We hit a few creeks this morning and found about 15 trout, browns, brookies, and rainbows...

Tank Got a slob of a brookie - 18 inches!!!



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Jay and I fished for walleye last evening in the Susquehanna. Caught 4 16-20inchers in the first half hr then nothing. Quit at 2 am. At 1/4 of 2 we got checked by 2 conservation officers. They said they checked all the favorite places and said we had the only eyes they saw. River was way higher that we'd like.

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Ok Ive been waitin to get these pics from my buddy cause I couldnt tell the story without the pics.

Opening morning of Waldo season. 345 am hit the canal and thru everything at em til day light and no luck. Headed to our family spot on fish creek bout 630. Hooked and lost 3 fish in the first hour. A couple keeper eyes were landed by our clan by about 8:30. Round 830 im working a custom made perch pattern jig along bottom and the rod loads up. I give it the ol Bill Dance hook set and the battle begins.. "This is big" I say to my buddy Scott as the drag is spinnin. Bout 10 mins in, someone says its a carp. Nope, it aint runnin like a carp, maybe its a big ol cat fish, my Uncle says. Im not feeling the catfish shake on this one i reply. After about 30mins we get a look at the tail. Hmm thats a funny looking tail. Kinda looks like a sharks tail, its gotta wierd fork in it. After an hour and 15 minutes of gainin 20 feet of line and then loosein 20 yards of line, I was spent!!! So I cranked the drag down and decided that your either gonna let me land you or ull break me off. Ive had enough... the battle was an hour and a half and the result.......IMAG0027.jpg



Yes it was a sturgon. In the short time it was out of the water, (bout 1 minute total) we estimated it between 40-50lbs and every bit of 48"

I had snagged it in the side just below the rear fin in front of the tail. An amazing adventure and an awsome creature..

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Very cool Calli!!!

We spent a few days down to camp. Not too much going on with the walleyes, still a bit high for down there. Did prety good with some wild trout in my favorite rifts...


Some bugs hatching, not alot, but enough to get the fish looking up. Nothing better than a 17 inch rainbow from down there on a fly rod! grin


Moslty rainbows and a few smaller browns mixed in...



Also got the camp tidy'd up - grass cut, gutters cleaned, fire wood, ect...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Sounds like a great time Minky, even with other people messing things up.
    • Yes I did but several hours apart. I don't remember the timing exactly but I do know that the pork butt went into the stall already at about 150 degrees so I foiled it then for the duration of the cook. The brisket probably got wrapped a bit sooner at around 160 degrees.
    • I recently spent about a week and half in the panhandle mountain area of Idaho. We were a mixed group of elk and deer hunters. What an awesome hunt in a great area.   This was my first hunt for elk with an experienced elk hunter (childhood buddy). I learned so much. One bull was harvested on opening day. On day 5 we got into a bunch of elk with one being a herd bull, no shot. Next day was cow season so we backed out.    Early the next morning we were back in the area. Fresh elk beds and urine puddles showed we were right behind the elk. Fresh tracks showed they were walking ahead of us but not running. I pulled off to let my buddy and his wife continue on. About a half an hour later a pair of moose hunters in a side by side pasted me on the logging road head towards my buddy. The elk heard the side by side and bugged out.   The next morning we were going to try again but there was a truck at the trail head. The last morning of cow season a very large group of people were camped blocking the trail head, the joys of public land! We continued hunting and exploring new areas.    We ended up with 1 elk and 6 deer before half of the group headed home. The other half are still out there trying to fill tags.     I am already planning next years hunt. I learned so much and seen / explored new area. I only had an elk tag but hope to have both elk and deer tags in my pocket next year. I will also be better prepared next season. I am looking forward to next years two weeks of mountain therapy. 
    • Interesting.    Did you foil both of them?    
    • Very nice DTro! Don't know if you remember me but I used to fish the Mississippi for cats and carp. Congrats on the guiding job. Take care.
    • A couple of weeks ago I put a butt and a brisket on the Louisiana Grill at the same time. They were basically the same weight but the brisket got done about 3-1/2 hours sooner than the brisket.
    • Bruce Jean at Rainy lake Guiding does a great job.   www.rainylakeguiding.com     
    • I was looking at the vikings schedule the rest of the way and I see them with 4 or 5 wins.  Not good enough to watch and enjoy the season and not bad enough to get us the top pick.  Hopefully they find new and innovative ways to lose games they should win and finsih 1-15. 
    • It's truly amazing how social media has transformed our lives.   Seems like not too long ago there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.    Where did you go for fishing information, research, brotherhood and fellowship?   You spent a lot of time at bait shops, reading magazines and newspapers, or you dialed up into a fishing discussion bulletin board on the world wide web.   I'm a geek who preferred the electronic version so I spent A LOT of time online reading everything I could on web forums and discussion boards.  I came to find a primary home here with Fishing Minnesota in roughly 2000.   I dove in and met a lot of great fishing and personal friends.  I was provided the opportunity to get involved with the marketing side of fishing and learned quite a bit about the business of fishing.   I've been saddened to see how participation in forums such as this and others I follow, have crashed with the growing popularity of other platforms.   What brings me here though today is to stop by and say hi to all my old fishing friends.  About 4 years ago I started a Catfish/Sturgeon guide service.  It has been growing steadily each year and one of the reoccurring themes I seem to experience is how many of my guests refer to Fishing Minnesota Dot Com and how they came to recognize me and my activity there from years ago.      For several years this site reigned supreme when it came to current fishing news and information and a place where everyone was here to help and became a brotherhood for many.  While there was always some political stuff tossed in, for the most part it was a place to forget about the world and focus on our favorite past time.    Oh how times have changed.....      I hope everyone is doing well and pushing through all the background noise in todays world.  What we are currently experiencing does not bode well for our mental health and I hope things change soon before we find ourselves in another 1863 Gettysburg.   I'll share a great experience I had the other night with a Mother/Daughter captured by Ben Garving (Award winning KARE11 photojournalist).   He really did a great job in capturing what happens when you forget about outside things for a while and spend time with family and just sit back and enjoy our great outdoors.   No matter your political views or your thoughts on our natural resources and how they are managed, this is something we can all come together and embrace.    Take care!   KARE11 Sturgeon Story Click Here            
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