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On the Road with Steve and Ken, March Sax/Zim Bog

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Been awhile since Steve and I have been out. Spent a day in the Bog looking for GGO's. For as many as were around yesterday, we saw only one and he crossed the road so fast we couldn't get a shot. Took our frustrations out on whatever else we could find:




Boreal Bad Hair Day:



Sorry, I like boreals:


Shot this guy so many times I think we may have cooked him:



Shot a whole 'nuther card but don't have the gas to edit them tonight.

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Here are some of mine from today. Golly, the days can get long! We're just calling this "bird-on-a-stick day." gringrin











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Some super shots today, Ken and Steve! Hard to pick just one favorite and I have to agree with Ken that you can never get enough of those darn Boreal Chickadees. Steve I really like the aspect on the NHO looking down at you. It must be a treat with that 600mm and it looks like it has done a beautiful job.

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Those are some really sharp shots.

I'm getting lens envy laugh

That owl sure wasn't camera shy.

Very nice work.

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What is that owl thinking??????

Great shots you guys put up on here, always eager to see what your "On the Road" ventures result in. Thanks!

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Great shots guys. Now I know how you REALLY get the great bird shots...you have them trained. All are very sharp with good composition (IMHO).

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Great mix gentlemen.

I'm really drawn to the spruce perch/boreal chickadee images, some wonderful poses/personality.

I just don't know about the background control on the last two images....

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Well, we went to the Bog again today. Who knew? wink

Same subjects, different day. Except after two days the DagNabitt Road owls only showed themselves with fleeting flights at last light. Ah well, it's not like we don't have gazillions of GGO images. frown










I just don't know about the background control on the last two images....

See now, I found those to be pretty studly backgrounds. Just goes to show ya how tastes vary. Am I sensing ambivalence? gringringrin

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TWO days! Your guys sure have a NICE LIFE!! lol Another beautiful set by both of you gentleman (great portraits as well). Keep up the great work and keep those trigger fingers busy!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I did put some runner rugs down the center 😁
    • This team is not going anywhere with  Tom Thibodeau as there coach.  
    • Have to agree great game looked real good definitely more aggressive time will tell.
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    • It looks great! Throw a few nonslip rugs down.  It's Winter after all! 😋
    • I converted mine to 1 ton Reese 12v winch. Seems to work well with my light weight wheel house.  
    • Looks great but cold and slippery, I'm a carpet guy.
    • absolutely 100% yes. Like with the augers though, use a good drill. My Ryobi barely does both sides once on a battery, my Fuel is 1000 times better. It's not recommended to go down with a drill, only up. You'll see all this on Nutz w e b s i t e. 
    • I missed it too, the caps always just own us.