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Crappie Rage

2010 in Kansas

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In the spring of 2007 my brother and I purchased 215 acres in KS strictly for deer hunting. Shortly thereafter joining the QDMA .

We both started deer hunting with our father at age 12 in northern Minnesota getting to deer hunt maybe 3 or 4 days a year with a rifle. Dad took us deer hunting, duck hunting, rabbit hunting and fishing all the time. We came first except a couple weekends a year. In the early 80's you were lucky to shoot any deer and if you saw a buck and couldn't get a shot, that was probably your season. I did not shoot a deer until I was 14.

At 15, my father bought bows for him and I. Bowhunting was limited due to school, duck hunting and hockey. As a senior in college, I shot a doe, my first deer with a bow and 4 days later my dad shot his first deer with a bow a nice 8 pointer.

After college, bow hunting became my number one passion. Hunting near the Twin Cities, I saw more deer and more nice bucks than I ever did in northern MN. At about 26 or so, I gave up the rifle hunting to just bow hunt and started to pressure my father to do the same. It took a while, as my father started hunting in northern MN and had done so for years and owned land up there. But about 10 years ago he really took to bow hunting.

Then we started making trips out of state taking nice deer in Iowa and Missouri. In the spring of 2007 my brother and I purchased 215 acres in KS strictly for deer hunting. Shortly thereafter joining QDMA. My brother and I shot nice bucks the first year we owned the property. In 2008, we planted a few food plots and started putting out mineral. My father shot a nice 11 pointer off our property that year. In 2009, I was the only one to take a buck on our property a 130 inch 4+ year old buck.

For the 2010 season we made two specific bucks off limits to everyone and were only going to shoot deer that were at least 3.5 years old. My father passing on the 140 inch 8 pointer we made off limits.

On Oct 29, 2010 I had saw a buck with very very heavy palmation but chose to let him walk as he looked to be 3.5. My brother, however, was tempted too much after watching the buck for nearly an hour, he took him with a 15 yard shot on November 5. What a rack!


Flash forward to Friday November 12 . Dad and I woke up to pouring rain. Went into town to get some things for the camper and have breakfast at Perkins. Got back checked weather on the phone and hit the woods at 11:30. It started raining again about 3 and pretty hard just before dark. I did not see much but Dad saw the big 8 again and another big buck we called the Goofy Horn.

Saturday morning was about 40 degrees and very windy. I did not see a thing and Dad did not see much. Back at the camper for lunch we were trying to figure out where to go that night. I suggested a stand to Dad. It took a while and a little convincing, but Dad finally decided to use my suggestion. He dropped me off about 1:45 and went to his stand.

Now Dad is 68 and has not embraced technology like other old timers and we were working on texting. Cell service is poor on my property but texts seem to get out and come in rather well. I had only been on stand maybe 30 minutes when I received my father's first ever successful text..."Shot a 10 p I think a good hit" Right on!! I texted back to meet me on the road at 4:30. Found out later he was only set up in his tree for 5 minutes when the big 10 and another buck were chasing a doe. The buck stopped at 15 yards and Dad crouched down and sent the arrow.

Less than 20 minutes later I see movement and see antler right away. Coming from behind the stand and going to come by it a 23 yards is what I am pretty certain is the Goofy Horn. He hit the first opening but I wasn't quite ready so I would stop him in the second. Problem was he turned onto a different trail. I quickly stopped him and sent an arrow his way. The hit looked a little far back and he took off the way he came.

Texted Dad back when I quit shaking to meet on the road at 4. We then went back to his stand. Followed blood about 50 yards when it peetered out. Decided to back out since it was going to be below 32 tonight. I was going to wait on my deer no matter what.

Finally morning came and we made ourselves busy around the camper to try to wait til the sun was throwing enough light. Finally headed out to look for Dad's deer as he was about to go insane. We found a couple more drops of blood in the CRP grass but that was it. Dad headed along a steep hill and I took a long gradual ridge. I had made it maybe 80 yards into the woods when I spotted the big 10 laying there dead. I yelled for Dad and whooped it up as I was very happy. You can't find both deer unless you find the first one!!


Then we went to look for my deer. Right away we found blood and it was relatively easy to follow. We had to cross a creek and up and embankment, but there was blood the whole way. After getting up the embankment and going a few yards, I seen the antler sticking up. Instant celebration. What a double.





But what makes this story the best is that later my dad was on the phone telling someone that he just shot the biggest deer of his life. My Dad has shot some nice bucks in his life but I had not realized this deer was his biggest. It made me feel good that my brother and I were able to put the guy who started us hunting 30+ years ago onto his biggest deer ever. Hopefully he can top that next year.

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Congrats on a great hunt and a dandy of a daily double!

Without digressing too much, as there are a lot of threads arguing about potential changes with deer management in MN, but I'd like to note that it sure is fun when the herd structure is balanced and there are mature deer. The rut can certainly be a crazy and exciting time to be in the woods.

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Great Bucks! I went to KS for first time this year. Had a great hunt. Where do you guys hunt by?

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yikes! my friends on his way to KS as we speak! i really really enjoyed the story congrats to you all!

THREE terrific bucks, all unique!

if you ever need help shed hunting your property, i would be glad to make the trip down! smile

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Congrats and great read. I look forward to those same memories with my sons in the future. Them giving me advice and knowing I did my job as a father.

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