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Offense could change for Vikings

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP)—Darrell Bevell won’t reveal the changes he’ll make in the post-Brad Childress era. This much is certain: the Minnesota Vikings’ offense finally is Bevell’s baby.

The Vikings fired Childress on Monday and replaced him on an interim basis with defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, who will play a far smaller role than his predecessor on Bevell’s side of the ball.

“Every play went through coach Childress and everything was finalized through him,” Bevell, the Vikings’ offensive coordinator, said Friday. “So, this week, it was a little bit different. I still kept coach Frazier informed, told him what we were doing, how we felt like we should attack them. But it wasn’t like, ‘I don’t like that, throw that out’ or ‘I like this, put that in.’ There wasn’t any of that.

Childress called the Vikings’ offensive plays in 2006 before turning over those duties the following season to Bevell, a former college quarterback who broke into the NFL as an offensive assistant with the Packers in 2000.

However, Childress, who favored a run-first version of the West Coast offense, only partly relinquished control. He was heavily involved in game-planning meetings, held a play sheet on the sideline and communicated constantly with Bevell on game days, at times relaying the precise play he wanted to call.

“As long as it’s sound and I can present it to coach Frazier and he likes the logic behind it, then I don’t believe he’s going to veto anything at this point,” the 39-year-old Bevell said. “I think he has confidence in what our offensive staff is able to put together.”

That doesn’t mean Frazier will ignore the Vikings’ offense. He met with his offensive assistants shortly after accepting the interim position and made clear the adjustments he wants, beginning Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

“We have to continue to hammer some things, because it’s a little bit different than what we have talked about in the past,” said Frazier, who declined to elaborate. “I do feel like they are buying into what we are trying to get accomplished. It should bode dividends for us.”

After ranking fifth in total offense and second in scoring in 2009, the Vikings have plummeted to 18th in yards (336.8 per game) and a tie for 29th in scoring (17.2) during the team’s 3-7 start. They’ve also committed 25 turnovers, including Brett Favre’s(notes) NFL-worst 17 interceptions and five lost


Favre, who is close with Bevell from their days in Green Bay, on Wednesday said he preferred to strip down the playbook and focus on executing a smaller number of plays. But it’s up to Bevell, with Frazier’s guidance, to decide how to fix the offense for the final six games.

“I’m not worried about (people) saying, ‘Hey, this is Bevell’s offense now,’ and ‘Let’s see what it’s going to look like,”’ Bevell said. “All those things, those are good questions. I just want to be able to win. I don’t care if we run it 50 times or (pass) 50 times, whatever it is. I just want to be able to get a win.”

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“Every play went through coach Childress and everything was finalized through him,” Bevell, the Vikings’ offensive coordinator, said Friday.

That part is for them super educated Viking fans like fisherofmen!!

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New offense...old offense...#4 needs to value the ball. TO's have to be stopped.

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I liked what I saw from the offense yesterday....less predictable. ANYONE on here predict that bootleg run by Favre yesterday??????????????????????? grin

Those 2 long passes in a row early in the game had to help the short game later. The Vikes actually looked like they were having fun playing the game.....haven't seen that in a while.

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Hopefully things continue to develop for the Vikings. They still need a lot of work on the straight passing game. In obvious passing situations, pressure was still getting to Favre and receivers were not getting open. I did like the use of play action and the draw, and that they didn't abandon the run after Peterson went out.

To me the first drive of each half looked very good, so I think they had a good plan coming onto the field. They still need a little work adjusting to a defense outside of the locker room though.

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I liked our Offense and I liked Fraziers philosophy, pound the rock and play tough defense. I didn't look but I'd guess about 30 rushing attempts. He wants AP to touch the ball more, me too. I think he would of had a monster day yesterday if he didn't get hurt.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Little late to the answers, but I switched over to NAP KILLZONE and could not be happier.  They are the cats meow.  I like them better than the Rage I was shooting before.  The pictures are from a doe I shot at 13 yards.  Needless to say she didn't go more than 30 yards before she piled up.
    • The whole reason behind getting a new bow is that my 17 year old son is now standing 6'3" and the little bear bow he has is too small for him.  He likes to bow hunt, but with sports and school activities he doesn't get out a ton, so i am going to crank down the poundage on my Elite and he wants to shoot that.  So Dad is in the market for a new bow.  I can't say a bad word about the Elite, its been a great bow for me.  I have always shot a double cam bow and was just looking for opinions about what other folks like.  Not sure if a solo cam will be smoother with the draw or not.  Soon as I have time, I want to get out and shoot some bows and see what I like.
    • Thanks MJ   It's nice for the picture and follow up video you catch a lot that gets missed after the picture.
    • i was just there on the 11th of Aug, yea i was way less then impressed with the cave. wont bother me none, but then again that wasthe first time in 5 years i've been in a cabelas.
    • Hello from the NW Angle!   Minnesota walleye fishing has been great using bottom bouncers and a night crawler. Anglers are being selective to fill limits with 16-18” fish as well as a few over 28 released. Most success has been in the mud, off of structure in 21-23 feet and 26-30 feet. The largest fish seem to come from South of Garden Island on crank-baits.   Canadian walleye are also most effectively targeted with bottom bouncers and spinners. Depth has not been as important as being at the bottom of a break line in the flat. Gold with chartreuse has been best as of late.  Musky activity has slowed from the prior weeks but expect it to ramp up with the full moon approaching. Perch have been schooled up on and around reefs topping out around 30 feet.   Water temps remain consistently in the low to mid 70’s.    Remember - fall is the time for trophy fish up at the NW Angle!   Until next week,   Sunset Lodge
    • It seems to be working😉
    • I've heard good things about the Browning's. 
    • Just curious- what about your old now is making you switch?   I've shot both and have no real concerns with either. Elite makes a nice bow and has several good options over the past few years. But... regardless of brand there are lots of good options out there. Shoot what feels good to you and hits where you're aiming. Totally generic,  but good advice IMO. 
    • I was surprised by that too Wanderer. I bought 2 of them about a month ago and am giving them a whirl. I've got 3 on bear baits right now. I'll have a feel for them in a couple weeks. 
    • I did not last year and I am not sure about this year.  I would sure like to.  New job and some new help at the hunt didnt allow me time to volunteer last year.  Hope this year is different.