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What kind of spark plugs.........

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My sled calls for NGK br9es. Myself and others think that these plugs foul to often. I have had good luck with those E3 plugs. What kind do you use and what other brands are out there?



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I run the NGK's you mentioned in an old 600 tripple only ran it one season so far but only fouled 1 plug. DON"T buy champions, that's what was in my sled as spares, new never used and were worse than the fouled plug. They got tossed and I now carry a set of NGK's

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I don't think it would be a carb problem. The last 2 seasons I have used the E3 plugs and fouled 1 plug in 2 years, where years past I have fouled other brands more often. I like the E3 plugs but I have to order them and they are 3 times the money.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Results are out!!    Did not pull a tag this year. Maybe a surplus tag in my future...
    • American Redstart was back and catching bugs by the hostas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (those ! are for you smurf ) He let me get pretty close. 
    • Congrats on MN and WI   It's been a great spring and the birds just seem to be getting fired up even more now.
    • could be interesting for ya!!!!!!!
    • I think I am done for the year.  Wisconsin was a success for me these past few days, but not so much for the rookies I took with.    I called in a nice 24lb bird with 1" sharp spurs and 10" beard on Friday.  The weather really shut them down after that.  Finally Sunday morning in the rain showers they came out and put on a show for four hours, but the big tom just would not come in close enough for a shot.  Hens dragged him by me one time with a few second opportunity to decide if I should try to stretch the range of my gun, but I held off thinking they would come a few steps further...  They did not...  He had spurs easily over 1", never gobbled, just strutted and drummed around the field all morning.        
    • Very nice birds!  
    • I'm going to hit it hard looking this week. I promised batter fried Morels for Memorial day lunch with the smoked pulled pork I made. 😬  
    • No luck with morels near La Crosse these past few days.  Found some ramps and lots of pheasant back / Dryad saddle.  
    • We finished up the seasons with 3 great birds. All 3 had 1 1/4 spurs 11 inch beards and one with 11.5. Two birds weighing in at 23 lbs and the other 22. This year we had gobbling like in the past . These last 5 years has been very minimal gobbling if none at all some years. This year was similar to when we started hunting these farms. The high predator population is why i think they do not gobble as much. Even this spring had a yote mess up a bird walking right in to me he was in killing distance but I was liking the show so let him keep coming my error. Yote came running in and chased him off :(. But we did end up shooting this bird Friday morning. So he only was saved once.   See what happens this weekend. I'm supposed to take a buddy out hunting in MN but if that falls through maybe make one more run to WI.
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